Woman Kicked Out of Family Restaurant Over ‘Inappropriate’ Outfit

In a recent incident that has sparked controversy, a woman was asked to leave a family restaurant due to her choice of attire. This incident raises questions about the boundaries of dress codes, personal expression, and the responsibility of establishments to enforce their policies.

Aireal Bonner, a young woman, entered Southern Kitchen & Bar in Birmingham, AL, wearing a crochet top that resembled a bikini top. However, the restaurant had a dress code in place, which did not permit bikini tops. As a result, the staff asked Bonner to either change her attire or leave the premises. Bonner decided not to comply with the request and filmed the entire interaction, which she later shared on social media.

According to Bonner’s Facebook post, she felt that she was treated rudely by the staff and accused the restaurant of racism. She claimed that she was threatened with police action for simply wanting to dine while wearing an outfit she felt comfortable in. Bonner also emphasized that there were no customer complaints that prompted the situation, suggesting that the restaurant owner’s decision was arbitrary.

The Restaurant’s Perspective: Enforcing Dress Codes

From the restaurant’s perspective, the incident was not about racism but rather enforcing their dress code policy. Dress codes are common in many establishments as a means to maintain a specific atmosphere, cater to their target audience, and ensure a comfortable experience for all patrons. Southern Kitchen & Bar had a dress code in place, and bikini tops were not included in the approved attire.

The staff offered Bonner a solution by providing her with a free shirt so she could comply with the dress code and still enjoy her meal. However, Bonner refused the offer, which escalated the situation. The restaurant defended its actions, stating that the dress code policy was clearly communicated to all customers and was applied consistently.

Public Reaction: Mixed Opinions and Controversy

The incident involving Aireal Bonner quickly gained attention on social media, with people expressing mixed opinions. Some sympathized with Bonner, arguing that the restaurant’s actions were discriminatory and unnecessary. They believed that individuals should be able to express themselves freely through their clothing choices without facing judgment or exclusion.

On the other hand, there were those who supported the restaurant’s decision, highlighting the importance of adhering to established rules and respecting the atmosphere set by the establishment. They argued that dress codes exist for a reason and should be upheld to maintain a certain level of decorum.

Dress Codes and Personal Expression: Finding a Balance

The incident at Southern Kitchen & Bar brings up a broader discussion about the role of dress codes in society and the balance between personal expression and the expectations of establishments. While dress codes can serve legitimate purposes, it is essential to consider the potential impact on individual freedom and self-expression.

Establishments should aim to create inclusive environments where people from diverse backgrounds and with varying fashion preferences feel welcome. One way to achieve this balance is by regularly reviewing and updating dress code policies to ensure they are fair, reasonable, and align with societal norms.

Understanding the Complexity of Dress Codes: Legal and Ethical Aspects

Dress codes, although seemingly straightforward, can be complex from legal and ethical standpoints. Establishments must be cautious not to enforce dress codes in a discriminatory manner, targeting specific groups based on race, gender, or other protected characteristics. Doing so could lead to legal consequences and damage to the establishment’s reputation.

It is crucial for businesses to consult legal experts and ensure that their dress codes comply with relevant laws and regulations. Additionally, training staff members on appropriate and respectful enforcement of dress codes can help prevent incidents like the one involving Aireal Bonner.

Promoting Respectful Dialogue and Understanding

In situations where conflicts arise due to dress code policies, it is essential to promote respectful dialogue and understanding. Both customers and establishments should engage in open conversations to address concerns and find common ground. This can lead to greater empathy and the development of more inclusive policies that consider diverse perspectives.

Furthermore, establishments can benefit from actively seeking feedback from their customers regarding their dress code policies. This approach allows them to adapt and evolve their guidelines to better align with the expectations and values of their clientele.

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She was offered a free t-shirt to put on. But she said no and decided ti stay and create a stink about it all. What it really sounds like is someone knew what the code was and violated the policy to get some notoriety and possibly be able to bring a lawsuit for discrimination. It’s a privately-owned business there standards, just like in your house you have standards to follow.

Last edited 9 months ago by Ron

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Last edited 9 months ago by Julia

Ron she’s black, there are no standard’s for her kind and would bet she will win her case.

Mel Friedman

The restaurant simply has a house rule. Plain and simple. No racism was shown here. She was offered a shirt, but refused. The management could do no more. Case closed


I’m with the restaurant management. That attire looks like it belongs on a beach or a street corner. Restaurants have the right to establish dress and behavior codes to make dining an enjoyable experience for their customers. This had nothing to do with race. This a person who wanted a few minutes of fame.


Yes for everyone but blacks

James A Burns

Women should not be dressing immodestly in the attire of harlots. Businesses are correct to expect their patrons to dress appropriately.

David S.

There was nothing racial about this. She loses all credibility by throwing that card. It is the prerogative of the restaurant to have a dress code. The mgr. or employee was calm and tried to explain – she rejected it. Her arrogance is evident in her outside self video,


If the facts are correct, the restaurant dress code “…no bikini tops,” seems to be applied to all patrons. I have to think she willfully and purposely entered the restaurant to get her 15 seconds of fame. The restaurant tried to compromise, offering her a t-shirt so she could stay. I have been to restaurants where I had to wear a jacket, I did so without making a fuss. You should be able to express yourself but you should be mindful of the venue or respect the dress code. Would you wear a bikini to church? To the office? To the PTA meeting?
Did the restaurant manager target her in a discriminatory manner? No. Did they target her based on race, gender, or other protected characteristics? No. Let’s move on from those who are so easily offended and yell racism at anything that doesn’t allow them to be so boorish. 


how much you wanna bet that was on purpose!!!


Simple policy. Keep your privates covered, like it says on the door, or don’t eat there. And that was a bikini top.


she is the disgusting person -of course she used the racist issue! SHE was inappropriately dressed – hope the restaurant gets many decent people to come now that this has aired – if I lived within 100 miles I’d go in and have a meal and thank the owner!


She’s is a racist and a trouble maker she new that there was a dress code before she went onto the restaurant. Looking for media and being highlighted. You can tell she was looking for trouble just on the whole outfit she was wearing..
There’s dress codes all over..
Did u know that a women in New York can go top less and it’s the law that can but for obvious reasons they don’t
Tad bit of information


Where are their restaurants in NY where you can go topless? I live here and I’ve never seen one.

Carmine G.

Just don’t serve her if she refuses to comply.



margaret jamgochian

needs to respect other people weather she thinks she’s right or not today some people want NO RULES or regulations

duane harbeson

She should go have lunch in the Senate dinning room… They just dropped their dress code, for everyone, to cater to ONE Senator… yeah.. you know who..


I do not believe it was racist. From the video, they addressed her with respect. Stop the racist crap. It is a private business and they can serve whomevere they please. I do agree proper attire signs should be posted. Then the argument would be what is proper attire.


The victimhood crowd always cries ‘racism’ when they wear inappropriate attire like this. Victimhood is a disease like liberalism. Some might say one disease invites another. Attributing motives to the owner of a restaurant is a favorite pastime of those who think they can read minds. Bozos.

Rebecca Holstine

The other people in the place has rights too. They don’t have to pay money to eat and look at a piece of trash. They use that place to eat for a reason. It just might be the dress code. She did this on purpose and needs to be throw out on her ear!


no shirt, no shoes, no service


Bonner is an idiot!


Another case of my rights are more important than your rights. Im tired of it. Its not racist. If the dress code is applicable to all patrons. She had a right to leave if she didn’t like the dress code


2 years ago



Barbara Smith

All Blacks? Jeeeeze where have you been all your life? You just showed how racist you are.

Pearl C. Ware

A restaurant is a private business and the owners have the right to set rules. there are restaurants in New York City that have signs up that state that shoes and shirts are required. This is NOT discrimination because it applies to EVERYONE who enters regardless of race.

al dutton



If she was on the beach, fine, if she was slinging in on the street corner, appropriate, but sitting there with you 7i7s spilling out,No


She is black and you can’t tell a black person anything and if you do you are called a racist.


And that has to be stopped it’s are fault for 140-150 years we catered to these people has to stop want respect then act like a decent person get a job do the job and show up on time, and these so called rich trash they act dress and behave like trash they have no respect for themselves, look a 7 year old of a rich mom throwing the finger, disgusting she should have broke it can’t respect anyone that don’t even respects themselves or others


Good glad to see there is still some decent people out there


She was offered a shirt to comply. Not racism, therefore.


Some people try to stir up trouble wherever they go, and then they complain that it is racism for everything they don’t like. Kind of like the boy who cried wolf.

Big Jim

If you don’t want to comply with dress code, leave!

John Warren

PLAYING THE RACE CARD AS USUAL with these dregs. She was looking for a fight so she could get attention and PLAY THE RACE card.


Keep it on the beach or in the bedroom. There are rights for people that own a business to set standards. This lady shows a lack of respect for other peoples rules. What do you not understand a bout no shoes no shirt no service?????

sean kane

Never heard race in the convo. She was bigoted to do that

Bruce Walters

If you disagree with blacks, you’re racist! No such thing as common sense or good taste with these people

Michial Kane

According to some a business owner should have no control over his or her own establishment, the inmates should run the asylum.

Former Marine

Wow, Now I like the video where there is a talking monkey or was thast the customer. Either way if she wants to be disrespectful just send it back to africa where it will fit ion better. animals nearly all of them.


Africa doesn’t want them due to the way they act “privileged”. True story….


Do we ever look to see who is taping these videos and ask why? Maybe it who be in the best interest to ask the the person what’s in it for them? Is this a friend of the subject doing a setup?


The population in general has lost all sense of propriety in both manners and dress.


It’s so disappointing to dress up for a nice dinner out, then see a woman/man come in in raggedy jeans and sloppy t-shirt. It’s total disrespect – not only for the establishment but also fellow diners.

Thomas Pratt

It was not all that long ago that Macdonalds denied many of us access to indoor service because we refused the vaccine.

Truly I think it is wrong to deny anyone service, but this was not about race at all it was about appropriate attire in a family dining facility!

in my opinion the woman’s attire was not appropriate at all! Further it is a privately own establishment. I guess if they own it. They have every right to deny her access until she is appropriately attired!

Still, one should never turn away business!
Thomas Pratt