Woke Rapper Releases Anti-Israel Song, Takes Jab at Biden

Rapper Macklemore has decided to wade into the turbulent waters of Middle Eastern politics. In a move that’s bound to raise more than a few eyebrows (and possibly some blood pressures), he’s released a pro-Palestine/Hamas anthem sharply criticizing Joe Biden and effectively stating, “Thanks, but no thanks” to voting for him in the upcoming election. Classic Macklemore, always ready to stir the pot with the subtlety of a sledgehammer.

The song, dubbed “Hind’s Hall” as a tribute to Hind Rajab—a 6-year-old Palestinian girl who lost her life in Gaza—doesn’t exactly tiptoe around its message. It’s as subtle as a fireworks display in a library. The track references a recent protest at Columbia University where pro-Hamas protesters, clearly not content with peaceful demonstrations, decided that smashing windows and storming buildings was the way to go. They even went as far as to rename Hamilton Hall to “Hind’s Hall” – because, apparently, that’s how you make political statements these days.

Macklemore, not one to shy away from controversy (remember the whole Nazi-costume debacle?), belts out lines like “Block the barricade until Palestine is free” and makes sure to note that there are Jews among the protesters. Ah, Macklemore, always trying to play both sides of the fence while also setting it on fire. He tackles topics of anti-Zionism, accuses Israel of genocide, apartheid, and colonization, and somehow manages to tie in footage from anti-police protests in the U.S. Because why focus on one controversial issue when you can juggle several?

The pièce de résistance of this politically charged anthem? A direct jab at Joe Biden, with Macklemore declaring, “The blood is on your hands, Biden. We can see it all. And f*** no, I’m not voting for you in the fall.” Charming. It’s as if Macklemore sat down and thought, “How can I alienate as many people as possible in three minutes or less?”

While the rapper has found himself in hot water before, this latest venture into the realm of political commentary is especially audacious. It’s almost as if he’s vying for the title of Most Polarizing Figure in Pop Culture, a competitive field to be sure, but Macklemore seems determined to take the crown.

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the Rebel

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WHY do you give these idiots any press. Ignore them and they will go away.


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