Politico Blows The Whistle On Joe Biden

Politico has just dropped a bombshell exposé revealing that Joe Biden’s inner circle is deeply entwined in his family’s foreign influence peddling schemes. Ben Shreckinger, the author of this eye-opening report, delivers a thorough takedown of the Biden administration’s denials of complicity. For years, Joe Biden has continuously distanced himself from his family’s business dealings, claiming he never discussed them with any relatives or associates. However, the new evidence paints a different picture—a tangled web of involvement stretching back decades.

The report highlights how Biden shared crucial staff members with his son, Hunter, and his brother, Jim. Key figures in Biden’s orbit have doubled as his relatives’ business associates, seamlessly blending political and personal interests. This includes Eric Schwerin, who served as Joe Biden’s personal bookkeeper and was also Hunter Biden’s business partner, and Mel Monzack, the personal attorney for both Joe and Jim Biden.

The plot thickens when you consider Fran Person, Joe Biden’s former aide, who sought to involve Hunter in Chinese real estate ventures, and Kevin O’Connor, Biden’s White House physician, who pursued a potential healthcare deal alongside Jim Biden in 2017. Even Dale Pupillo, who oversaw Biden’s Secret Service detail, later worked as a private investigator for Jim Biden. These overlapping roles underscore a close-knit approach to business and politics that complicates efforts to distance Biden from his family’s ventures.

This all-in-the-family strategy dates back to Biden’s first Senate bid, run primarily by his parents and siblings. Over the years, Biden’s political patrons often forged ties with his relatives, converting business partners into campaign supporters. This interwoven network reflects a pattern of mixing public service with private gain, casting a long shadow over Biden’s claims of innocence.

Adding another layer of drama, the House Oversight Committee has referred both James and Hunter Biden for criminal prosecution for allegedly making false statements to Congress about key aspects of the impeachment inquiry. “These false statements implicate Joe Biden’s knowledge of and role in his family’s influence peddling schemes,” the Committee stated, indicating an apparent effort to shield the President from scrutiny.

So, what does this mean for Biden and his administration? This explosive report not only challenges Biden’s narrative but also offers a compelling case for those pushing for impeachment. Critics argue that this systematic intertwining of personal and political interests undermines the integrity of the presidency and raises serious questions about Biden’s ethical standards.

As the impeachment inquiry gains momentum, the revelations from Politico’s deep dive could prove pivotal. Will this be the scandal that finally shakes the Biden administration to its core? The coming weeks will be crucial as investigators dig deeper and the public grapples with these stunning accusations.

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Wyatt Earp

Biden long overdue a prison cell as a SENATE. But now it was upgraded to the FIRING SQUAD FOR TREASONOUS


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Last edited 9 days ago by Julia

And this surprise …who…??

Tim Shep`

So now what happens? I doubt if anything comes of this. The Biden crime family will be covered by their propagandists in the media and the DNC socialists.


biden family, clinton family! Geez, they are all so corrupt!!!


I think that it’s a ploy from the dems that are really running this country to replace captain Alzheimer’s in the upcoming election. They know they can’t win with him and now they are acting as if this news is some kind of new revelation never seen or talked of before. The mental disease of liberalism never changes.




The fact that the Politico of all places broke this is telling.

Ron C

Alls I can say is, it is a good thing the courts and the DOJ continue to use their double standards clause! Otherwise, Joe would be in a lot of trouble!

Happy Warrior

The entire Biden crime family is just that, criminals!


It so looks that way!!!!


Common folks have known in their gut that our government has been infiltrsted by evil forces for a long time. They are being exposed regularly. Now we need to fix it.


Now, if only, the Republicans will stop talking and start doing.There has been more than enough evidence for a very long time. Get it done, from the impeachment to the gallows. Hang them high!!

Jim Wright

Pray tell, how are you expecting them to do this with the criminal democrats controlling the Senate? Nothing they do in the House is going to work with the Democrats dismissing everything in the Senate.


My opinion… this is all a setup for Biden to drop out for “Medical Reasons” and name Peloshtz’s nephew, Newsome, as the candidate for the Dems.

John H

Newsom is as useful a screen door on a submarine & as corrupt as his Aunt, Nasty Piglosi !!