Ex-Trump Lawyer Jenna Ellis Turns Coat, Roasts Trump Family!

In a shocking plot twist, Jenna Ellis, once a loyal lawyer for former President Donald Trump, has turned on the Trump family! Ellis, known for her fiery defense of Trump during the 2020 election disputes, is now publicly roasting the former first family.

Ellis was a warrior for Trump. She fought hard in courtrooms and on TV screens, defending him from all sides. But now, she’s singing a different tune. Ellis is throwing punches at the Trump family, and boy are they landing!

She’s taken to Twitter, a favorite platform of the former president, to air her grievances. Ellis is accusing the Trump family of disloyalty and betrayal, saying they’ve left her high and dry. She claims that after she gave it all to defend Trump, his family turned their backs on her when she needed them.

But why the sudden change of heart? The answer lies in a book. A controversial book titled “The Steal”, written by Molly Jong-Fast, has stirred up this hornet’s nest. In the book, Ellis claims she was left out in the cold by the Trumps, who she says didn’t stand by her when things got tough.

And boy, did she let loose! Ellis blasted the Trump family, calling them disloyal and ungrateful. She even claimed they were more interested in their own fame and fortune than in standing up for what’s right. These are heavy accusations coming from someone who was once part of Trump’s inner circle.

The Trump family hasn’t responded yet, but we’re all waiting with bated breath to see how this will play out. Will they fire back at Ellis or choose to stay silent? Only time will tell.

Ellis’s public roast of the Trump family has certainly raised eyebrows.  It’s a reminder that in politics, loyalty can be fleeting, and allies can become enemies overnight. This story is a testament to the unpredictable nature of the political world, where the only constant is change.

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Uncle Art

She said – he said ! But this sounds a bit made up from her. ?Writes a book and must make it sell ?. There’s 3 sides at least to every story.
Hers -His and the truth somewhere in the middle or way outside from either end. Big question is who she with now? The Right or the leftist. Anyway she Was Paid to do a job. When jobs over you get paid and leave. You don’t get Adopted ?


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Last edited 7 months ago by Julia
Grizz Mann

The lure from the Dark Side was too great for this one.


This “cut and pasted” article was PAID for by The Lincoln Project. AKA: Kellyanne Conway’s “ex-husband”! I rest my case! Stinks like GARBAGE!

Gerald Ladd

She’s a piece of s–t.


there is more that she is not telling us