Joy Reid Has MELT DOWN After Byron Donalds Calls Her Out

In a dramatic on-air confrontation, Florida Representative Byron Donalds clashed with MSNBC host Joy Reid, causing what can only be described as an epic meltdown on her show. The explosive interaction centered around Donalds’ controversial remarks about the Jim Crow era, morphing into a fiery back-and-forth that had viewers on the edge of their seats.

It all began when Donalds made waves at a Philadelphia campaign event by stating that, during the Jim Crow era, Black families were more unified. This statement, predictably, ignited a firestorm. Joy Reid, never one to shy away from a contentious issue, invited Donalds onto her show to explain himself. The segment quickly descended into a chaotic exchange, the likes of which daytime TV rarely sees.

For those who might not be history buffs, the Jim Crow era was a time when racial segregation laws were enforced in the United States, designed to maintain the oppression of Black Americans post-slavery. So, when Donalds mentioned that era in a seemingly positive light, it was like lighting a match in a fireworks factory. Reid confronted him head-on, accusing him of romanticizing a period marked by severe racial injustice.

Donalds, defending himself with vigor, insisted that his critics were distorting his words for political gain. “During Jim Crow, more Black people were not just conservative—Black people have always been conservative-minded—but more Black people voted conservatively,” he clarified, according to reports. He emphasized that he was merely pointing out historical marriage rates, not advocating for the era’s return.

But Reid wasn’t buying it. She hammered home the point that the Jim Crow era was rife with brutality and systemic racism. At one point, she vividly recounted the unfortunate incident involving Willie Howard, highlighting the powerless position of Black fathers during that time.

The tension reached a boiling point when Reid asked Donalds if he believed there was ever a “golden era” for Black families between 1867 and 1967. Donalds shot back, calling her statement gaslighting, and fervently denying any nostalgia for that period. The heated debate continued, with Reid accusing Donalds of trying to filibuster and talking over him to maintain control of her show.

In a particularly poignant moment, Reid questioned whether Donalds’ interracial marriage would have been possible during Jim Crow. Donalds candidly responded, “No, it could not, Joy, and we all know that, Joy,” adding that he feels blessed to live in today’s America rather than during those dark times.

Ultimately, this clash was more than just TV drama—it was a raw, unfiltered look at the ongoing struggles within political and racial discourse in America.

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He wasted his time, talking to her… NOT only can you NOT fix STUPID, you can’t reason with it either…


Clearly you didn’t see the interaction–not just before prime time TV at 7:00 P.M. Commenting without first hand knowledge is what’s ‘stupid’ here.


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Last edited 11 days ago by eva
the Rebel

You have not had your meds!!!

Ron C

Why can’t the world see Joy Ried for what she is, a race baiter. In the dictionary under the definition of “Race Baiter” is a picture of Al Sharpton and now Joy Ried!


Nothing like a MAGA storyteller–YOU, Ron C. No facts, truth or valid reasoning. I’ll bet you don’t even watch the Reid cable TV show.

Tim Kuehl

And nothing like a left wing troll like you foolishly running your mouth. And you’re betting Ron C doesn’t watch the Reid cable TV show. He probably doesn’t and I doubt if many others do since her show is the least watched on MSNBC. So that means you are the ONE who watches.


You obviously didn’t know that from 1900 until 1960 Republicans were almost never elected and democrats won the seats. This is why most black people were not allowed to vote but history does not teach that today. If you were black and owned land you could vote but the democrats would arrest, you in the south because convicts were not allowed to vote. Jim Crow was the democratic party that used the black people in the 60’s through today to get elected.

Happy Warrior

Joy (less) Reid is a fool. She just tried to have a mental gunfight with Byron, but she had no ammunition.