J. Lo Drops Jaws in Dress that Leaves Little to the Imagination…Reveals Secret About Infamous Kiss

Jennifer Lopez stunned everyone who attended the premiere of Shotgun Wedding in Hollywood on Wednesday. The muse of the show, ageless and beautiful at 53, flaunted her amazing figure in an exceptionally revealing yet tasteful dress. The sheer beige dress, covered with sequins and a bright yellow bow around her midsection, hugged her toned body perfectly, leaving very little to the imagination. She complemented this beautiful gown with glittery silver earrings that reached down to her shoulders, along with a bright yellow clutch bag.

Not forgetting her huge diamond ring from when she married Ben Affleck last July. And on top of this stunning ensemble, Jennifer wore a pair of sparkling silver heels that peeked out from beneath her transparent outfit; she also had impeccable makeup and had styled her hair up in a dainty bun.

The night was filled with star-studded appearances, one particular celebrity who made his way to the red carpet was Jennifer’s co-star Josh Duhamel. He looked astonishingly handsome dressed in an elegant black suit. As for their movie Shotgun Wedding? It tells the story of a pair whose destination wedding goes awry when criminals come barging in – though it might not sound like the most entertaining film around, both Jennifer and Josh were laughing about it during their promotional tour together! In fact, Josh jokingly declared his love for Ben Affleck more than that of Jennifer! At first taken aback by this statement, J-Lo eventually laughed it off saying “I get it” – after all he is “dreamy” and “talented”!

Also during their interview rounds for Shotgun Wedding, J-Lo mentioned an interesting tidbit about the 2003 MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs). She was originally meant to share in that iconic kiss between Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera and Madonna but due to a filming schedule conflict she wasn’t able to make it – so they got Christina instead! In J-Lo’s words: “I’m a huge fan of Madonna… always have been.”

So despite missing out on locking lips with Madge back then – luckily enough everyone got to witness the goddess that is Jennifer Lopez at this premiere!