FBI Raids Secret Communist Chinese Police Force in New York City

The FBI’s recent raid of a Chinese police station in New York’s Chinatown is a cause for grave concern, both here in the US and around the world. This outpost, part of China’s notorious “Operation Fox Hunt” effort to surveil their citizens and hunt down dissidents abroad, was conducting illegal police operations without the jurisdiction or diplomatic approval from American officials.

It has become increasingly clear that this is not an isolated incident, with reports of Chinese police centers popping up throughout Europe and other countries with large Chinese diaspora populations. In Hungary, for example, a lawmaker reported visiting one such center that was clearly labeled as a Qingtian Police Overseas Service Station only for the signs to be removed almost immediately after his visit.

These undercover operations are highly concerning from a human rights perspective, as they effectively allow China to extend their transnational policing capabilities outside of their own country in order to control its citizens who have left home. On top of this alarming news, it has been revealed that many reports on these police centers were deleted from China’s internet upon discovery. It doesn’t take much imagination to see why. The idea that their reach can extend worldwide likely intimidates those inside China while giving them a false sense of security in knowing they can never truly escape their government’s clutches.

Unfortunately, those living outside of China impacted by these oppressive tactics have limited recourse and feel helpless when faced with such intrusions by their former homeland. Many Chinese dissidents living abroad report feeling “extremely anxious” about what China is doing because there is nothing they can do about it.

It goes without saying that this situation needs to be addressed soon by the international community before it spirals out of control and puts countless individuals at risk. The United States should lead the way in calling out this blatant abuse of power and working together with other like-minded nations to impose sanctions on Beijing before more innocent people suffer from Chinese oppression overseas.

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Clean Slate

Biden’s handlers.


Was this an accident or was it to get their under the table money???


Close up these China police stations and deport everyone that works there back to China. I don’t care if they are a U.S. citizen, get rid of them!


Joe Biden will protect China.


Surprise, Surprise! Not!!!


What does anyone expect? Dementia-Joe, and the anchor-baby “ho”, “heels-up harris” are both bought, owned, and “handler” controlled, “puppets of the CCP.. People need to wake up, and see they were BOTH, FRAUDULENTLY “deep state wealthy elite CABAL” , “installed” in order to turn this republic into a communist-controlled , third-world, banana republic cesspool. (and the LEGAL citizens into their CONTROLLED, communist “subjects”)

Tom Streets

AMEN, Cliff !!! The question pops into mind, “Why is America allowing a FOREIGN NATION to operate oppression INSIDE OUR BORDERS ??? This is EGREGIOUSLY WRONG !!! This proves that the American government NOW is in catastrophic failure!!!


show and tell is all it is!


Hmmm, wonder if the Biden docs have anything to do with the raid on the Chinese Police Force in NY?

Robert Miller

The FBI??? This is a joke,right??


Ny is not the only place the Chinese have stations in this country. Also they purchased hugh swaths of land to get additional compensation as farm owners. Many land is located next to our military bases here
. They can watch our bases from the comfort of their own beds and get paid by our govt. Can anyone see bidens hand in all this?

John R. DeJulius

It is so sad that the government TRASH in THIS country, don’t have the balls to get them OUT OF MY COUNTRY !!!!!

Danny S Phillips

China go home. We don’t want you here.

Henry II

Very simple Identify, Confirm. Eliminate. XPD

Patrick R White

While the FBI is at it, swing by Joe’s garage and home to spend some time there. We know that’s asking a lot since we are talking about Democrats property but what is good for the goose is good for the gander.