Hunter’s Biden’s Cronies Get Served!

In recent news, the House Oversight Committee led by Rep. James Comer has issued a “wide-ranging” subpoena for financial records from Bank of America related to Hunter Biden and associated individuals, covering “business and personal accounts and wire trans-ords” from 2009 up until the present day—spanning fourteen years. This matter was confirmed by someone familiar with it who reported that Bank of America responded effectively with substantial materials. The request was sent out to US citizen John Robinson “Rob” Walker among others involved in a joint venture created between Hunter Biden and executives from CEFC China Energy—a Chinese energy conglomerate that is no longer functioning.

Rep. Jamie Raskin expressed his concern over this investigation and criticized this “overbroad” subpoena directed at one of Hunter’s associates regarding his checking account. He believes that this tactic taken by the Oversight panel is an attempt to circumvent President Trump’s tax information from being revealed, which is just flat out idiotic. In his letter he called it a “roving congressional inquisition into the affairs of at least one private American citizen” which goes beyond any deal connected with Hunter Biden or CEFC China Energy.

The National Review writes that Rep. Raskin voiced his disapproval over Comer not informing Democratic members two days before issuing any subpoenas; he thought the one related to Walker was particularly intrusive as it entailed disclosure of intimate elements regarding the family’s personal bank accounts.

Banks must comply with subpoenas but may try their best to protect customer privacy whenever possible – both through challenging the request or trying to limit what gets disclosed about them personally in terms of finances. Subpoenas such as these occur regularly whether due to criminal investigations, civil lawsuits, or regulatory action – often more than once per year especially when they’re connected with high-profile cases involving larger customer bases.