Former National Security Advisor Claims FBI, CIA, and DOJ Will Rig 2024 Presidential Election

On Friday, K. T. McFarland, former deputy national security adviser under former President Donald Trump, spoke with Maria Bartiromo on Wall Street about various reports including the Durham Report. During the conversation, McFarland made a striking claim that the FBI, Justice Department, and CIA are intending to manipulate the 2024 U.S. presidential election. McFarland noted that according to her, these intelligence agencies previously rigged the 2016 and 2020 elections and now want to prevent Donald Trump from winning in the upcoming election.

“We now have black-and-white evidence that the FBI interfered in the 2016 election. When they failed to elect Hillary Clinton, they set out to destroy the Trump administration,” said McFarland.

According to the recently released Durham report, the FBI dropped four investigations into Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation prior to the 2016 presidential election. Additionally, the report found that when the FBI opened the Crossfire Hurricane investigation into Trump in 2016, there was no verified intelligence to support it.

Durham blasted Hillary Clinton for her “plan to stir up a scandal against US Presidential candidate Donald Trump by tying him to Putin and the Russians’ hacking of the Democratic National Committee. Go back to 2020. It was the CIA this time that got involved in the 2020 election with those 51 former intel agents who talked about the Hunter Biden laptop as total Russian disinformation.”

During the second presidential debate in 2020, Joe Biden and moderator Kristen Welker discussed the Hunter Biden Laptop from Hell scandal. Biden mentioned that 50 intelligence leaders signed a letter stating that the laptop could be “Russian propaganda.”

It is believed that the Biden Campaign and current Secretary of State Tony Blinken spread a false claim regarding a laptop. The laptop in question was reported to be legitimate, and some experts who signed a letter acknowledging its falseness may have been aware that the claim was untrue. According to McFarland, the FBI, DOJ, and CIA were able to get away with this during two past elections, and may continue to do so in the future without repercussions.

“The difference is, in 2024 the evidence is there,” she said. “We now have the Durham investigation. We have all the congressional investigations. There is now hard evidence that there was election interference by the US intelligence agencies and the Department of Justice.”

“Those individuals have to be terrified that a Republican president comes in in the 2024 election with a Republican Attorney general, investigates them and charges them all with the crimes they’ve committed over the last eight years,” she added.

“Take it to the bank. They will absolutely interfere in 2024. We’re not sure how, but they will absolutely interfere, not only because they’re not going to like whoever the Republican candidate is, but because they’re going to protect their own hides, said McFarland when asked if there will be election interference in 2024.

President Trump made a statement on Sunday about government corruption through his Truth Social platform.

“They Spied on my campaign, Rigged the 2020 Presidential Election, Weaponized the DOJ & FBI, and yet they continue to go after me instead of the criminals that did all of these things, because I am fighting for you, and leading Biden, and everyone else, in the polls. It’s called Election Interference, and it is totally ILLEGAL!” Trump wrote.

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Barbara j Yano

to be sure. These agencies will try and re-elect Biden, even though he is a feeble, demented old fool. They don’t care about who will do the right thing for the country and for Americans, K.T. is right, they want to protect their own hides.


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daniel Pruitt

Absolutely right, Barb, on both sides of your comment. Biden was feeble and demented before the last election. He is worse now. His backers will do anything to make sure he gets re-elected.


As long as they control who counts the votes, the outcome is a foregone conclusion.


Why can’t I share this article?

Stephen Russell

For Deep State Survival this round vs prior elections


If soemthing isn’t done before 2024 the elections will always be compromised in favor of Democrats!


Sadly the deep state will see to it!

Last edited 11 months ago by Mike

Another reason, that I hate racism, is that racism gave lynching a bad name.


How long do you have to wait to get approved. or do you just delete my comment?


Seems like they just delete most comments which contain any amount of truth


I’ve said it before and truly believe there will not be a republican president in the near future if ever. And if I’m not mistaken Obama said virtually the same thing after Biden was placed in as acting president.