WATCH: Jesse Watters Schools Jessica Tarlov During CHAOTIC Exchange

It seems the political punditry world is never short of fireworks, especially when it comes to Fox News’ Jesse Watters and Jessica Tarlov. The latest episode of “The Five” certainly didn’t disappoint, with Watters delivering a masterclass on defending former President Donald Trump against a $350 million real estate judgment.

Now, if you’re familiar with Tarlov, you’ll know she’s no shrinking violet. She’s got opinions and isn’t afraid to share them. This time, though, her litany of reasons for why voters shouldn’t trust Trump – including claims his company inflated the value of its assets, allegations of sexual assault, and a supposed penchant for storing classified documents in the loo – were met with quite the retort from Watters.

“With respect, Jessica, you know nothing about real estate valuations, real estate development, or the IRS, or getting loans from big banks to develop skylines in New York City,” he fired back. Ouch! Talk about not pulling any punches. But then again, that’s classic Watters for you.

He went on to claim that Trump did more for New York City than a thousand Letitia Jameses, referring to the New York Attorney General who’s been running political crusades against folks like former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and the NRA. According to Watters, while she’s been busy playing politics, city residents are suffering and small business owners are being prosecuted for defending themselves against criminals.

But the drama didn’t stop there. Tarlov, who frequently spars with fellow “The Five” host Greg Gutfeld, was also chided by Watters and former judge Jeanine Pirro for conflating a civil judgment with a criminal one in a defamation trial by E. Jean Carroll against Trump. When Tarlov insisted that Trump was guilty, Watters raised his finger and told her to “stop interrupting everybody.”

Meanwhile, Trump, undeterred by the various civil and criminal trials against him, told a South Carolina town hall audience that “my revenge will be success,” hinting at his coming second term in the White House. The Biden Justice Department is reportedly racing to complete two criminal trials against him, warning judges in both cases that Trump would exonerate himself if elected.

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Last edited 3 months ago by Julia

Did the dumb one compare asking for a raise to fraud?


Tarlov like most radical liberals cannot open their mind even when they are proven wrong. Like the partisan zealot she is she is totally incapable of acknowledging when conservatives are right. Very sad.


Tarlov & other demos have no idea of reality which her comments show.


I won’t watch the Five when Jessica Tarlov is on.

Happy Warrior

I just mute her when she starts jabbering.


tarlov. a complete wacko


Being raised in rural Wyoming, I learned early in life that cows and pigs do not understand the English language or the subtleties of phraseology.

Liberal women on talk shows carry the same genetics.

Wyatt Earp

It a shame these liberals democrats supporters, attack the truth! But REFUSED TO ATTACK THE PROBLEM! I do not know anything about TARLOV except she can NOT BACK UP HER MOUTH! Why not? Let talk about everything for the last 12 years DEMOCRAT POLITICIANS HAS DONE? You see liberals like Tarlov refused to attack ANY DEMOCRAT POLITICIANS OR EX PRESIDENT! There is so much CORRUPT IN THE DEMOCRAT PARTY THEY GOT TO COVER UP EACH OTHER CRIME!

the Rebel

What a fright that would be to go home to every night !!!

Doyle Gardner

she talks a lot to say nothing.