BREAKING: China Hackers Infiltrate US Infrastructure (VIDEO)

In recent years, the threat of cyber attacks has become an increasing concern for governments and organizations around the world. One particular threat that has garnered significant attention is the infiltration of critical infrastructure by Chinese hackers. These cyber attacks aim to disrupt key American systems, including power and water utilities, communication networks, and transportation systems.

Chinese Hackers and U.S. Critical Infrastructure

Over the past year, hackers affiliated with China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA) have successfully breached the computer systems of numerous critical entities, raising alarms among U.S. officials and industry security experts. These intrusions are believed to be part of a broader effort by the Chinese military to develop ways to sow panic, chaos, and disrupt logistics in the event of a U.S.-China conflict in the Pacific. Among the victims of these cyber attacks are a water utility in Hawaii, a major West Coast port, and at least one oil and gas pipeline. The hackers also attempted to break into the operator of Texas’s power grid, which operates independently from the rest of the country’s electrical systems.

The primary motive behind these cyber intrusions is to hamper U.S. efforts to project power into the Asia-Pacific region, particularly in the event of a conflict over Taiwan. By targeting critical infrastructure in Hawaii, home to the Pacific Fleet, and key ports and logistics centers, the Chinese military aims to complicate the U.S.’s ability to efficiently deploy troops and equipment in the region. While no disruptions or damage to critical functions were reported, these cyber attacks serve as a wake-up call for the United States to bolster its cybersecurity defenses and protect its vital infrastructure from potential future attacks.

Understanding Volt Typhoon: The Chinese Cyber Campaign

The cyber campaign, codenamed Volt Typhoon, was first detected by the U.S. government approximately a year ago. It has since been identified as a Chinese military initiative to infiltrate critical infrastructure and gain the ability to disrupt or destroy these systems during a conflict. The Chinese military’s cyber strategy has evolved significantly in recent years, shifting from primarily politically and economically motivated espionage to actively targeting critical infrastructure to cause societal chaos and affect decision-making during a crisis.

Volt Typhoon’s cyber attacks are primarily focused on targets within the Indo-Pacific region, with special attention given to Hawaii. The hackers utilize various tactics to conceal their tracks, often routing their attacks through innocent devices such as home or office routers before reaching their intended targets. They also aim to steal employee credentials to facilitate future access to the compromised systems The Chinese military’s goal is to establish hidden tunnels within the U.S. infrastructure, enabling them to launch devastating attacks when instructed to do so.

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Stephen Russell

Hackers/ terrorists have HIT:
Food processing plants
energy plants
Defense communications


These are all most likely test drills for a major attack at some future date.


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Last edited 5 months ago by Julia

That’s why they are buying up our property. I believe they already have tunnels in the U.S. Clinton closed down U.S. bases and others noticed that they were being refitted for my guess:Concentration camps. They will be culling the world of people. Don’t forget the Georgia Guidestones that say we have to get down to 500 million?

I already believe that leaders of other countries (plus ours – Biden) are part of the New World Order. Pray the Rosary like your life depends on it. Merry Christmas.


The O’Biden traitors sold them the access!


Strike back at China with our own Hackers.
Chris Wray should be in jail along with his boss, Biden. Smith should join them.

Gerald Ladd

We don’t have a lot of protection with Biden in the WH. Remrember, he gets paychecks from China!


thank goodness sloppy Joe Obiden is ALL OVER the infrastructure here. Would NEVER allow a balloon to drift across the good ole’ US of A?