Woman’s Reaction After Joe Biden Gives Her Medal of Valor Goes Viral

ICYMI: Joe Biden awarded nine recipients with the Medal of Valor at the White House on Tuesday. Among them were two police officers who died in the line of duty while protecting civilians posthumously. One was NYPD Officer Wilbert Mora and his partner, who were killed in January 2022. The mother of Officer Mora, Gabina Mora, received the award on behalf of her deceased son.

President Biden honored all nine recipients for their courageous sacrifice in ensuring public safety and promised to have their backs during their service. “There’s no greater responsibility of government than assure the safety of the American people and those who serve and protect us all,” said President Biden before presenting each recipient with the medal. “We’re incredibly proud of all of you. And I mean that, incredibly proud, all of you. And we’re going to have your back as long as we need to. As long as you’re engaged.”

The Medal of Valor is an honor bestowed on those brave individuals who put their lives at risk while serving and protecting others from harm or danger. These recipients included not only police officers but also firefighters, first responders, veterans, and military personnel – all dedicated professionals whose actions exemplify courage under fire and bravery beyond compare.

These heroes have been called upon to perform extraordinary acts during times of crisis and conflict – often in order to preserve life itself – and they are deserving of such a great honor for their dedication to public service. It is these selfless individuals that make our nation safe and secure today; without them our society would be much more chaotic and dangerous than it already is now.

But the reaction of the mother of the officer I mentioned at the beginning of this article is what is drawing everyone’s attention. The look on her face was a look of disgust. Take a look at this:

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F-Joe Biden


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She was much more cordial than I would have been. Biden is two faced.


I would have ‘given the finger’ after he turned away


I’d have told him Loud enough for him to hear


Biden is for Biden and no one else. He is not a man nor is he an American! He is a follower and not a leader as well as anti-American! He is disgusting!


From Biden’s perspective, every public appearance is about himself. Any one else that might be present is just excess baggage he must bare. Public appearances may promote more than Biden ego, because all of his appearances project his struggle with daily physical and mental challenges.


Grayfox41 (Any one else that might be present is just excess baggage): Even the Easter Bunny, that he followed like one of his little groomed children?


Biden, how can you honor the men in blue, when you hate them to begin with.
I would not want you to have my back, because I don’t trust you as far as I can spit.


I would never trust that guy over anything he doesn’t care about America just cares about the almighty BUCK !

Das F.B.I.

Defund the po-leece…..then Sloppy Joe talks B.S.!