Woman Plunges To Death From 100-Foot Cliff After Marriage Proposal

Tragedy struck in Turkey when a newly engaged woman fell to her death from a 100-foot cliff just moments after her boyfriend proposed. Yesim Demir, 39, and her partner, Nizamettin Gursu, had chosen the picturesque spot in Canakkale, a city in northwestern Turkey, to celebrate their engagement. However, what was supposed to be a joyous occasion quickly turned into a heartbreaking incident.

A Romantic Proposal Turns Tragic

According to reports by the New York Post and Fox News, Demir and Gursu arrived at the scenic cliffside to enjoy a picnic meal and savor the romantic moment. Little did they know that this idyllic setting would soon turn into a nightmare.

“We chose it to have a romantic memory after the proposal. We drank some alcohol. Everything happened at once. She lost her balance and fell down,” Gursu told local outlets, revealing the devastating chain of events that unfolded.

A Fatal Slip

As Gursu left Demir alone momentarily to retrieve food and drinks from their car, he was suddenly jolted by a horrific scream. Rushing back to the spot where he had left his beloved, he discovered Demir at the foot of the cliffside point at Polente Cape. It was a heart-wrenching sight that would forever haunt him.

Desperate Attempts to Save a Life

Emergency medical personnel swiftly arrived at the scene and began their efforts to revive Demir, who had initially survived the 100-foot fall. For 45 agonizing minutes, they fought to bring her back to life. Sadly, their attempts were in vain, and Demir succumbed to her injuries, leaving her loved ones and her fiancé devastated.

Investigation and Safety Concerns

Authorities immediately closed off the area and launched an investigation into the tragic incident. Following proper protocols, the location was reopened in a controlled manner on July 15, as reported by the Post. However, the circumstances surrounding Demir’s fall and the exact cause of her death are yet to be officially determined.

While the scenic cliffside is a popular spot for locals to admire the breathtaking sunset, concerns have been raised about its safety. Friends of Demir warned that the roads leading to the site are in poor condition, and there are no safety precautions in place on the edge of the cliff. They emphasized the need for a protective fence and better safety measures.

“This is a place where everyone comes and watches the sunset. However, the roads are very bad and there is no precaution on the edge of the cliff. A fence should be drawn here, precautions should be taken,” Demir’s friends expressed their concerns.

The Aftermath of a Tragic Event

As of now, there is no update regarding the investigation or the official cause of Demir’s untimely death. The incident serves as a poignant reminder of the importance of safety measures in popular tourist spots. While romantic gestures can create cherished memories, it is crucial to prioritize the well-being and security of ourselves and our loved ones.

The tragic loss of Yesim Demir has left her family, friends, and fiancé grappling with immense grief. Our thoughts go out to everyone affected by this devastating event.

Additional Information

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The story of the woman who tragically fell to her death from a cliff in Turkey after her boyfriend proposed is a heart-wrenching reminder of the fragility of life. It serves as a call to action for improved safety precautions in popular tourist spots and highlights the importance of prioritizing the well-being of ourselves and our loved ones. Let us remember Yesim Demir and strive to prevent such incidents from happening in the future.

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Terrible but she gives New Meaning to “Falling in Love”!


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Bob Jones

NO ,, she ” fell out of love ” .


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Unless there 2 similar incidents, this story was published in July 2023. A followup story in NY Post Decembwt 2023 said the boyfriend was arrested for pushing her off the cliff after she said no to the proposal.

Kelly Sheats

Seriously? Crazy ending. ????‍????

Kelly Sheats

It’s all about ‘was there life insurance involved’? ~which of course won’t be mentioned. Likely see it on ‘Timeline’ someday. Find out then. RIP.


This happens a lot and usually by being distracted by cell phones and trying to get as close as possible to the edge. The article didn’t mention a cell phone but I’d guess that was the cause of her fall.