Wicked Witch Caught Stealing Pandemic Funds for Propaganda

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer is under some heavy scrutiny for her misuse of federal pandemic relief funds to create Critical Race Theory and social justice courses for teachers. According to a report from the U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Inspector General, Whitmer had personally signed off on allocating $1.4 million in CARES Act funds to Michigan State University College of Education, the University of Michigan’s School of Education, and Michigan Virtual to establish online educational modules that would teach educators about racism and privilege in society, how to dismantle oppressive systems, connecting with staff members and communities, and other such topics related to anti-racist teaching.

This decision has been met with criticism due to the fact that this money was meant for pandemic relief efforts rather than funding controversial curriculum like Critical Race Theory or Social Justice Training. Additionally, the way the program was funded came under scrutiny as it failed to meet standards set by federal oversight agencies. This suggests that state officials may have not followed proper protocol when deciding how to best allocate these funds.

Furthermore, many have pointed out that some of the course material is blatantly partisan in nature and fails to present an unbiased view on current events. For example, one particular reading by Candice Valenzuela argued that a “white dominant society” has “historical narcissism, historical amnesia and colonialist perpetration of violence” that needs to be confronted — a statement which could easily be seen as inflammatory by those with different political or social views.

Overall, it’s clear that Gretchen Whitmer’s decision was irresponsible at best, given the intended purpose behind these COVID relief funds. But honestly, we all know that she knew exactly what she was doing and is either too stupid to know it’s wrong, or just doesn’t care. But more than likely, it’s a mix of both.

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The Cretin Whitmer knows exactly what she is doing. She doesn’t care if it is wrong. All she will do is make excuses later and in her demented mind everything will be fine.

Stephen Toth

If you’re so bright and mentally adroit, why aren’t you Governor?


Because the criminal donations funding her aren’t being shared with more honest politicians.

Gerald Ladd

Awww, I said a bad word, so the moderator won’t post my comment.


Shes a politician, not a witch.
Stop using idiotic inflammatory remarks to gather attention.
you sound like MSNBC, CNN and Faux Neus


She is a witch. As well as the attorney General, and possibly secretary of state. In one of witchmers press conferences during the lockdowns, behind her on a shelf, proudly displayed, was a book about witchcraft!…. also there was a sequin pillow of fauci’s face! Disgusting. Through His prophets, God has told us they are definitely witches. I believe God.


Agreed- don’t slander the wiccan followers. Whitmer would give them a bad reputation


can she be habged


i meant “can she be hanged”

Ken Bristow

Nah, the treatment for witches was and is, drowning.


I thought it was burning at the stake

Stephen Toth

Aren’t you referring to Mike pence?
comment image


I’ve lived in Michigan All My life and we ALL know what kind of thing she is!!! We were locked down during Covid and she and her husband out vacationing!! We couldn’t buy garden seeds, fertilizer anything pertaining to farming!! She went to Florida vacationing. She even had a wall built around her house paid buy our hard earned taxpayers money!! So yeah comments on here are true!


Throw her in prison immediately time to put an end of stealing of taxpayers money for democratic communist projects she should have been fired when she over stepped her bounds she stole both election first one know one real didn’t even know who she was second the whole democratic communist party stole all most ever election

Gerald Ladd

No matter what she does, nothing will happen to her, because she’s a democrat, and we still have a two tier justice system.