Whistleblower Describes Wild Lives Migrants Are Living in New York Hotels on Tax-Payer’s Dime

An employee at the prominent New York City hotel “Row” exposed illegal activity on Wednesday after releasing shocking footage and images of immigrants vandalizing the facility and allowing fresh food to go to waste. Felipe Rodriguez, an employee of Row, appeared on The Ingraham Angle to discuss what he witnessed.

“It’s a disgrace,” Rodriguez said, “The chaos that we see at the Row today is [caused] by migrants being drunk, drinking all day, smoking marijuana [and] consuming drugs.” He also shared videos of how fresh food was being thrown away in trash bags since “the migrants don’t want to eat them.” Additionally, he mentioned issues such as domestic violence among migrants and instances of sexual activity happening in hotel stairways. Furthermore, he described an altercation between a migrant and a security officer at the hotel.

To make matters worse, Rodriguez reported that over 36,400 migrants have arrived in New York City in recent months and have been accommodated at 14 hotels across the city. This influx has caused the staff to lose control, many migrants feel like they own the property now. He noted that they do not clean their rooms nor do they fold their clothes; instead they hoard whatever they can get their hands on. In contrast with his experience paying for car payments, gas bills and electricity bills only two years prior, where he had to be responsible for these expenses – Rodriguez declared that these migrants do not face any financial responsibilities whatsoever due to support from the United States government.

Worryingly, Rodriguez pointed out that there is nobody speaking out against this abuse of the hotel and its employees by the migrants – power solely lies within those who are migrating into New York City right now. As such, hotel workers have lost their authority within their own place of work which is utterly devastating for them.

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Patricia Overbey

That is what you get when everything is FREE, You can bet if they were paying for this that would not be happening. SEND them back where they came from . Typical of the liberals causing this disastrous situation.


Nothing new….just more criminal activities from the phony federal government soaking taxpayers for criminals. I have to wonder how much kickback under the table politicians are getting for it.


You can bet your bottom dollar that their are numerous politicians getting kickbacks. If they weren’t, this would stop on a dime.

Cletis Hatchet.

I am sure the homeless americans will eat all that stuff.


These are our future citizens ! They already broke the law when they entered the country illegally. More than a million of them. Wake up citizens. we are in for a bumpy ride when the start looking for your job at less pay or under the table no taxes and when our schools are overwhelmed with language problems. This breach of borders is happening not only in America but also the European continent. The sand pits are being emptied into the EU and Britain.. It’s Globalization pushed front and center by the gang of elites now planing our future in Davos.


Send the bill to white house. He wanted em, he can pay for the damages

Dave Norby

The bill will just be handed to you and I.


Don’t send it to the White House where our taxes are spent. Send the bill to Biden’s home address in Wilmington, Delaware with the message “TO BE PAID BY JOE AND HUNTER BIDEN ONLY”.


So..why are these hotels housing migrants in the first place? Is the “Party Mayor” demanding it. It is a privately owned establishment. Party Mayor should have No say-so in what they choose to do or NOT do with their property.


That bus must take all the illegals to the southern tip of South
America and leave them.

Laurie Dinerstein-Kurs

Why would this behavior come as a surprise??? I wonder why privately owned hotels AGREED to house for free…or are the being subsidized by our gov (that’s you and me). If the “guests” of the hotel are not paying $$…how is the hotel earning $$…to pay taxes, bills or wages??? WWhoever thought this was a good idea should be jailed!!