WATCH: Vegans Find Out What Happens When People Try to Stop a Truck

The human body is no match for the sheer power of a large tractor-trailer, a vehicle designed to transport heavy loads over long distances. These vehicles feature powerful Cummins diesel engines that can generate enough torque to haul tons of cargo. When compared to the average weight of a human being, typically between 130 and 200 pounds, it’s clear just how much more powerful these trucks are.

A recent incident involving some vegan protesters trying to stop a moving tractor-trailer with their bodies has sparked criticism and disbelief. The protesters, who were trying to bring attention to the “10,000 daily lives” (aka animals) lost at a nearby slaughterhouse, actually seemed like they were shocked when the heavy, diesel-powered truck didn’t stop for them.

The video of the event, shared on social media, shows the protesters running out in front of the truck, with one of them explaining their plan to “stop this truck so we can bear witness.” Despite their efforts, the truck only slowed down enough to give them a slight bump, much to the surprise of the protesters.

“We’re standing in front of the… slaughterhouse, where 10,000 lives are taken daily, 10,000 innocent lives, slaughtered here, for no more than the tastebuds of humankind. Here we have a truck approaching, where approximately 300 animals are stacked into this truck. We’re gonna stop this truck so we can bear witness.”

Many social media users were quick to point out the absurdity of the situation, with some calling the protesters “lunatics” and others questioning the logic behind their actions. One user asked, “What are you going to do when someone decides to claim that they feel sorry for the veggies and want to force you to live on air?”

I mean, honestly, what are we supposed to do with these people? They are so utterly brainwashed that I don’t even know what would help them come to any sense of reality. Ideas have consequences, and while everyone is entitled to their beliefs, it is important to understand the consequences of taking such stupid actions, especially when it involves putting oneself in harm’s way.

In conclusion, it’s important to consider the consequences of our actions and not blindly follow an ideology, no matter how passionately we believe in it.

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Why do they think they have a right to stop this truck or any vehicle? What happens if people block you when you start leaving?I’m sure you would be mad.
Calling the driver names are the names they should be describing themselves as. If you don’t want to eat meat don’t eat it.


Bear witness to a driver with 40,000 Lbs of steel and cargo that’s tired of dealing with woke crybabies forcing your will on people just going about their lives. I wouldn’t have even hit the horn…

Ron C

Now that is funny, a lunatic calling the working man a lunatic? Keep your fantasies to yourself!


Does anyone besides me wonder where they get their money so they don’t have to work and can make it miserable for others? I know all my working years was never able to take off work to do this kind of crap as was busy supporting a family. Guess unknow to me was also supporting idiot like these.


Trust fund babies

Dutch Dorpinghaus

Those parasites are totally nuts. I sure wouldn’t have slowed down.

Uncle Art

I believe this is an old video, But it’s fun to watch over and over and over and over just the same!!
I really wanted to see a pancaked dude though !
All these people need to have everything made from animals and oil products taken away from their lives and see what they have to say about things after a year without those things

Sandra Smith

N cell phones, no cars??? What are you THINKING??? They implode!

Jenny Turley

I agree with G.W. Why would me eating beef have anything to do with you being a vegan. God put all creatures here for a reason and yours was not to tell the rest of us what we can or can’t eat. Go get a job and behave your self, and clean you own back yard before you work on ours 🙁


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This, While MILLIONS Of Americans Can’t Pay Food, Housing, Or Medical Due To Biden’s Policies. Also, While Thousands Of Americans Are HOMELESS & On The Street!


no video there.


This crazy world just gets crazier. I’m vegan, because this is supposed to be the land of choice, and that is my choice, but some people are silly enough to think that they have the right to force people to comply with their choices. You have to be very young, arrogant or “woke” to think anyone will be convinced by this pathetic demonstration of anything other than that the demonstrators are arrogant fools. This is the kind of thinking that has men running around in frocks and forcing their pronouns on others.


already went thru that in the strikes before most of these fools were even a fantasy in their grandad’s dreams. Just put the truck in compound low, and let out the clutch, truck moved at about 2 mph toward them, I got out and walked aside while the truck was still moving, and asked them, whatcha gonna do now? rofl