WATCH: Gretchen Whitmer Conveniently ‘Loses Connection’ When Asked Uncomfortable Question

In what only seems like the fakest thing you’ll see all week, Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan mysteriously lost her connection during a live interview. The timing? Priceless. She was just about to be grilled on the Hunter Biden trial, and poof!—she lost audio.

So, what was she running from? Fox News’ Dana Bash was about to dive into one of the most controversial topics of the day: the ongoing legal troubles of Hunter Biden. As everyone knows, Hunter Biden has been entangled in a web of legal issues ranging from tax evasion to questionable foreign business dealings.

Whitmer had just finished discussing the Supreme Court’s affirmative action ruling—nothing too fiery there. But as soon as the topic turned to Hunter Biden, her connection dropped like a hot potato. Coincidence or convenient exit strategy? You decide.

Viewers were left wondering if Whitmer’s tech team was as savvy as her political instincts.

Whitmer isn’t exactly new to controversy herself. Remember her own legal battles surrounding pandemic restrictions? She faced significant pushback and even lawsuits over her stringent lockdown measures. So, dodging tough questions might just be part of her playbook. But let’s not get too cynical—maybe it really was a technical glitch. Stranger things have happened, right?

What makes this even juicier is the broader context. The Hunter Biden trial is a thorn in the side for Democrats as they head into the 2024 election season. Republicans are rightly seizing every opportunity to paint the Biden family as corrupt. And having a high-profile Democrat like Whitmer avoid questions on national television only fuels the fire.

But let’s be real here: Even if Whitmer did answer, what could she have said to deflect the tidal wave of scrutiny facing Hunter and, by extension, Joe Biden? Any defense she offered would be picked apart faster than you can say “laptop scandal.” So maybe, just maybe, losing that connection was a blessing in disguise for her.

Whether Whitmer’s tech snafu was genuine or a calculated move, it worked to sidestep a potential landmine. However, it also left more questions than answers, adding another layer of intrigue to an already complex political landscape.

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Wyatt Earp

Try covering up her own thoughts! There not a democrat politicians that NOT GUILTY FOR THEIR OWN ACTION! They know they got to hold onto their power! Or they all will be executed by firing squad! Which all 300 democrats politicians deserve!


and many GOP RINO’s.


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Last edited 7 days ago by julia

So did they ever come back from the break? If so, did the topic change?

Ron C

The double standards extend well beyond the courts “double standards clause” and into the propaganda outlets and all government alphabet soup agencies. All predicated on your political affiliations!
It is truly the end of a free and fair nation! We are now no better than a third world stink pile.


She is a snake!


A great name for a leftist Witch! Gretchen!


It may be interesting to some if they decode the telephone touch-tones heard in the background at 14-seconds into the vidio clip.