WATCH: Chris Christie THREATENS Trump During Bizarre Press Conference

Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, in what can only be described as a sensational and bizarre press conference, has promised a face-to-face confrontation with former President Donald Trump. While the time and place of this showdown remain shrouded in secrecy, Christie’s words have sent shockwaves through the political sphere.

Christie warned, “Get ready. That’s all I’m going to tell you. Because if I give him and the Secret Service a tip as to where I’m going to be, it’ll be a lot harder for me to get to him.” These cryptic words have sparked intrigue and speculation about what exactly Christie hopes to achieve by confronting Trump.

This extraordinary statement comes as the primary season looms large on the horizon. Despite his fiery rhetoric, Christie continues to languish low on the GOP totem pole. In contrast, Trump remains the clear-cut favorite to clinch the nomination and face off against Biden or whichever Democrat is brave enough to step into the ring.

“Donald Trump and I will come face-to-face, whether it’s on a debate stage or whether it’s when he’s walking out of a building somewhere,” Christie boldly declared, hinting at a clash of titanic proportions. But what are we to make of this? Is this a desperate political stunt or a genuine call to arms?

The reactions to Christie’s statements on social media have been largely dismissive. One user quipped, “I really don’t think secret service will have a hard time seeing Christie if he tries to approach Trump.” Another commented, “Christie would have a heart attack if he tried going after the Trumpster.” The general consensus seems to be that Christie is all talk and no action.

However, we should not underestimate the potential of this promised confrontation. Even if it is a political ploy to garner attention and support, it has undoubtedly put Christie back in the headlines. Whether this will translate into political success remains to be seen.

In conclusion, Christie’s outlandish threat to confront Trump face-to-face has stirred the political pot. While many have dismissed it as a desperate attempt to gain relevance, it has undoubtedly thrust him back into the limelight. As the primary season approaches, we wait with bated breath to see if Christie can turn this sensational promise into a reality. Will he really confront Trump, or will his words prove to be nothing more than hot air? Only time will tell.

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Chrisitie should walk away. After the bridge incident he displayed his true self. No Christie ever.


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Last edited 7 months ago by Julia

Christie should go to the donut shop and shut up

Terence Birt

Looks like he did !

Joy Ann

Looks like he ATE the whole thing !!!!

Al Migglemuss

Christie a Woke RINO, what else would you expect from that loser. A genuine work of art.


I agree!

candy wilson

Christie is a desperate attention-seeking user. He has run out of shirttails to ride on.Very pathetic man.

Stephen Russell



he is nothing for America, he is out to get his cut of the money coming in from china and russia to destroy America.


Christie is in this for the campaign cash. Nothing else.


Just like the Bidens.

Das F.B.I.

How much of his campaign contributions gos to Kentucky Chicken, Taco Smell, Mc Donalds, Pizza Hut, Khristie Kreme,…………….

Michael Gluck



jelly Belly needs to go eat another donut and keep his pie hole shut.


Chris Christie is the biggest smelliest POS in American politics.

Daniel Quigley

The only debate Chris Christe will ever win is the debate over who can single handedly clean out a entire Buffet in 1 sitting. Christe couldn’t even win another term as NJ Governor even after Swooning all over Obama. Christe is a never was


is he still running?

Das F.B.I.

Krispey sounds more like a Hamas fluffing Democrat every day.


someone PLEASE let him know, he can “confront” me 1st, lol, I’ll help him out.

Kevin g Steigner

He is a legend in his own mind.