Ukrainian Officials BUSTED Blowing American Taxpayers’ Billions on Cars, Mansions, and Vacations

The Ukrainian government has been embroiled in yet another corruption scandal, as multiple high-ranking members of its bureaucracy were found to be living luxurious lifestyles off the backs of American taxpayers. An investigation revealed that these bureaucrats had purchased expensive sports cars, mansions and taken lavish vacations, all while the rest of the population struggled in wartime conditions.

This news came on the same day that it was announced that the United States and Germany had agreed to provide Ukraine with additional tanks for military use, despite the widespread allegations of corruption. Tuesday marked the largest mass resignation since Russia’s invasion began, with a total of twelve officials quitting their posts amid claims of bribery and embezzlement, mismanagement of aid funds dedicated to food provisions, and using expensive cars.

Most notably among these resignations were a top presidential adviser, four deputy ministers – two defense officials among them – as well as five regional governors overseeing various regions where intense fighting had recently occurred such as Zaporizhzhia and Kherson. One such individual who was under particular scrutiny was Deputy Defense Minister Vyacheslav Shapovalov who resigned following accusations that he had signed contracts for inflated prices for food provisions for soldiers. Given his role within the ministry responsible for managing billions of dollars worth of authorized defense aid from both American and European pockets, his resignation seemed especially significant.

Other notable resignations include Oleskiy Symonenko (Deputy Prosecutor General), Ivan Lukeryu (Deputy Minister for Development of Communities and Territories), Vyacheslav Negoda (Deputy Minister for Development of Communities and Territories) and Vitaliy Muzychenk (Deputy Minister for Social Policy). Five regional governors from Dnipropetrovsk, Zaporizhzhia, Kyiv, Sumy and Kherson regions have also resigned their posts due to these scandals.

This is just another example of how billions upon billions of dollars continue to be wasted by governments all around the world, especially ours. Government leaders seem not to care about how hard people have to work in order to earn money. Nevertheless, they continue to waste it like it’s an endless resource with no intention of ever paying it back. Ukraine is no exception when it comes to this type of corrupt behavior. Unfortunately many innocent citizens are suffering because of it.

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Like the Bidens and other Demonrats???


Ukraine war is just a set up to drain America dry, weak and ready victim for the Global takeover. The citizens suffer while the Elite travel to Davos. How do you take over a country? According to Sol Allinsky and The Rules For Rebels–You make it poor.


And it’s all Pelosi’s and Biden’s fault for giving them those $4 billions of dollars.

Joe T

I believe the correct amount is well over $100 billion. Now how much Ukraine will get after “The Big Guy” takes his 10% cut, remains to be seen.


Netanyahu publicly said Israel will milk USA dry.

Gerald Ladd

Liar! You must be a low IQ demonRAT.


The puppet Biden is pushing the U.S. further toward communism as we speak and the left wing media supporting them by amplifying all their lies .


Oh, what a surprise!

Mark Donovan

Does Biden still get his 10% kickback, or does he get more now that he’s President?


Silly question really Mark , this is the most corrupt puppet President the U.S. has ever had but who controls him ? I mean I have my thoughts on that but no proof .

Patricia Overbey

George Soros ?? that’s my bet

Lee Vail

Susan Rice via George Soros and Klaus Schwab.


I almost guarantee a lot of that money comes back to the United States as contributions to the Biden crime family. Maybe Ukraine will buy a few paintings from Bidens son for a few million dollars of tax payers money. The most corrupt president and his family in the History of the United States.


Biden take care of his friends. We, the people, are not his friends.


Anyone surprised?


OK? Now who caught these grifters? The Ukrainian Government under Zelenski, Now why isn’t this shown, Zelenski has been trying to clean house and run a war since he was elected, and yes, Where did this idea that they could steal from our foreign aid come from ? The business as usual graft and all, when Joe”Quid Pro Quo’ Biden blackmailed the Ukrainian Government into firing the Lead Investigation into Burisma to protect Hunters no show job on their Board……


I agree with you 100%. Zelensky is a liar and a crook. Germany gave them their miliary tanks. Is Zelensky going to pay Germany back somehow?


Modern tanks from any European country have top secret equipment on board so who do you think will be the first country to queue up to buy them from Zelenski ? You haven’t got this crazy idea in your head that he’s honest have you ? Tanks from Britain and Germany will be a gift so he can sell them to whoever he wants , he would anyway . Give them a respray probably like any stolen car dealer .


oh please, don’t be so naive bob!


Cohencidence jewlensky is a jew.


Sorry Bob but Zelenski is putting on a show but that is just to deflect bad opinion , he is as bad as any of them . Ukrainians cannot help themselves , corrupt as corrupt can be it’s how they are raised .Sorry if that has burst your bubble but after accusations from the West what would you expect him to do ? Either resign or put on a good show !


Please Russia, take OUT Zelenskyy and most of Ukraine, NOW.


NO Donald ! Just Zelenski and his cronies please , most people are relatively poor and innocent and see their politicians with a very jaundiced eye .


He is just another dictator that keeps on fooling our government. When he has time to make tv appearances and talk to different politicians, then that should tell you that he’s NOT fighting for his country. He and Putin are probably in this mess together. Stop paying off Bidens debt to Ukraine.


“keeps fooling our government”? I think YOU are the one being fooled.


Explain your view.


Anyone remember the Lufthansa heist?
Those arrogant knuckleheads stole and spent, also.
Some disappeared. Some, “disappeared”. A couple got RICOed in Federal Court, years later.
We can only hope that everyone manipulating elections, laundering money and/or warmongering in the name of the U.S.A., should be tried for war crimes and as traitors.


Remember the Pentagon missing trillions/9/11 connection, USS Liberty and much much more.


The media were complicit in not reporting important things as per usual .


It has gone well past time to cut off any & all aid to Ukraine!! They should have been taking care of their troops & citizens!! Also it is past time to STOP decimating OUR MILITARY & start rebuilding it & resupplying OUR TROOPS!!


Stop dying for israel.


I wonder if any of those cars were ’67 Corvette convertibles.


Seriously, who didn’t see this coming? And this is only what they’re reporting. I wouldn’t hold your breath waiting on our government to anything about it. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if the majority of them are on the take also.


Enough of them at least but not all .


But it has always been common knowledge that Ukraine and it’s politicians are the most corrupt in the Northern hemisphere and have been for decades . I wonder who they sold the tanks and all the other expensive and secret equipment to and of course where the secret offshore accounts are that they use to send YOUR money ? You are not pretending now that you didn’t know are you ?


Any idea what percentage kickback left wing U.S. politicians are enjoying now , 10% 0r more do you think ?

Patricia Overbey

No surprise here God bless the USA.


of course they are. that’s wh the billions were given them, not to fight a losing war. and weapons, are funneled to other terrorist groups for more money.

Concrete Cowboy

This happens everytime the fix is in. In Chicago this has been common practice for a very long time. The corruption is cooked into the recipe.


The problem is rampant in all governments as well as their employees!

Gerald Ladd

our politicans do it here constantly. They just cover it up better!


The word to describe us is —- Shmucks!


Biden doesn’t care about American Taxes Payers money as long as he gets 10 percent of the money.


And ,like we didn’t know THAT wiz gonna happen how much did biden get ?

Old wolf

Biden is paying off the black mail Ukraine has on him and hunter