Turncoat Pence in MAJOR Trouble After Pathetic Campaign

Mike Pence, the man who once stood a heartbeat away from the presidency, is now extending his hands—not to the people, but for the people’s money. Pence is desperately seeking taxpayer funds to salvage what can only be described as an embarrassing wreckage of a presidential campaign.

Now, before we get our feathers all ruffled, let’s take a step back and marvel at the audacity. According to The New York Times, Pence’s campaign is drowning in over $1.3 million in unpaid debts. And instead of cutting his losses, Pence has decided it’s a stellar idea to ask for public financing. Yes, the same public financing system that’s been all but forgotten because it caps how much you can spend—basically a political straightjacket. For any Republican to tap into this fund is as rare as seeing a unicorn at a rodeo. But here we are, witnessing Pence attempting to perform CPR on his campaign via the taxpayer’s wallet.

It’s almost comical, if not so tragically ironic. Pence, who once boasted about his constitutional duty and threw shade at Trump for insinuating massive voter fraud in the 2020 elections, now seems to be the one in a quagmire. His anti-Trump crusade, armed with establishment and anti-Trump donor dollars, tanked faster than you can say “primary debates.” Four months into the race, and it was clear Pence couldn’t even land a spot on the debate stage, forcing him to bow out in what can only be described as a spectacular failure.

Pence’s refusal to support Trump’s bid to reclaim the White House isn’t just a political stance; it’s a deafening signal to the conservative base. It’s as if Pence is saying, “Thanks but no thanks,” to the very grassroots that once championed him. Instead, his actions are gifting Biden what amounts to a tacit endorsement for another term.

The real kicker? Despite amassing a war chest from donors who seemingly bet on the wrong horse, Pence’s campaign is still in the red, big time. So, folks, what we have here is a classic tale of political desperation. A once-respected vice president, now a turncoat, asking the American people to pick up the tab for a failed venture. It’s not just embarrassing—it’s a glaring testament to how far Pence has fallen from grace.

In the grand scheme of politics, Pence’s move isn’t just a faux pas; it’s a full-blown spectacle. It’s a lesson in humility and perhaps a cautionary tale for anyone who thinks they can defy the will of their base without consequence. Pence’s plea for a bailout isn’t just about clearing debts. It’s a revealing glimpse into a campaign that misjudged its audience and is now paying the price, quite literally.

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the only thing that back stabber needs is a good kick.2 face deserves nothing but scorn for what he got paid off to do.

Lucy Skywalker

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Last edited 1 month ago by Lucy Skywalker

Like school loans no taxpayer should be made to pay for Pence’s debt!


Benedict Arnold was a hero before he wasn’t.


Pence Who???


Bless his heart! He ain’t the sharpest tool in the shed!


Maybe he should ask his good buddy Turncoat Betsy DeVos for the money she is loaded with Amway & Prince Mfg. money.


Now the poor taxpayer will bail out a traitor.


Poor Judas Pence, I guess he found out those few pieces of silver weren’t enough.

Happy Warrior

Pence needs to go away, far away. His goodie two shoes image is not what is needed for the country right now, if ever.


Worm. Go ask Pelosi and other libs. You were used and abused, traitor.


Should of been Democrats