TRUMP WALKS OUT OF COURT! – After Corrupt Judge Threatens Attorney Alina Habba

Oh boy, strap in folks, because we’ve got a wild one today. In a move that’s got Washington all aflutter, Trump has reportedly walked out of court after a judge threatened his attorney, Alina Habba. Now, there’s a plot twist no one saw coming. According to reports, the incident occurred during a hearing where the judge, Arthur Engoron, threatened Habba with sanctions. Apparently, he didn’t appreciate her asking for a “simple adjournment” due to a scheduling conflict. Talk about throwing a tantrum over a minor issue!

Now, let’s pause for a second here. An attorney asks for an adjournment, something that happens all the time in courtrooms across America, and the judge threatens her with sanctions? What kind of kangaroo court is this?

And it gets worse. Engoron reportedly told Habba, “You’re lucky I’m not asking you to show cause why you shouldn’t be sanctioned.” Yikes! With comments like that, it’s clear who the real bully in the courtroom is.

So, what does Trump do? He does what any self-respecting person would do. He walks out. Because let’s face it, no one should have to put up with that kind of blatant disrespect.

But, of course, the media is having a field day with this. They’re painting Trump as the bad guy, completely ignoring the judge’s outrageous behavior. It’s the same old story: Trump does something reasonable, and the media twists it into something it’s not.

The truth is, Trump walking out was a powerful statement. It sent a clear message that he won’t stand for unfair treatment, not for himself and certainly not for his attorney. And honestly, can you blame him?

This whole saga just goes to show the lengths some people will go to in their attempts to discredit Trump. But guess what? We’re not buying it. We see through the media’s spin and recognize this for what it is: a blatant abuse of power by a biased judge.

So, here’s to Trump for standing up for what’s right. It’s refreshing to see someone refuse to be bullied, especially in a world where far too many people are willing to roll over and take it.

In conclusion, while the media may be busy painting Trump as the villain, we know better. After all, the only thing Trump is guilty of here is standing up to a bully. And in my book, that makes him a hero.

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Stephen Russell





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Last edited 3 months ago by Julia
Harm Good

Fuq you J!

Papa Bear

I think this guy is doing this stupid stuff, so that there is grounds for appeal. Either that, or he’s crazier than “Creep Uncle Joe”.


Props to DJT !!!


This so called judge is a pathetic, corrupt person he needs to be investigated.

Francis Miller

You said a dirty trash bag liberal crook.


It looks like it’s past time for someone to grow a spine and toss some rotten judges off their benches, but I wouldn’t count on any of the gutless wonders in Congress (namely Republicans) to do their job.


I can’t believe that someone can get that much money from making up stor up! Where is the proof??? That’s like giving the accuser to make up anything and get away with millions! What is this country turning into? Everyone needs to speak up now for our country or we will lose it!

Kelly Sheats

Add to that all the Dem cases like J6r case, Fani Willis, & others from Arizona, NY & DC all seem to have deleted their files & evidence & not a hiccup about it from Authorities? Like WTAF? How’d that not illegal deserving of consequence?

Papa Bear

Probably gonna spit the take with this old fool.


corrupt democrats are destroying America for china and russia money


by wasting the money of We the People? RED states need to separate from this evil clown show of sloppy Joe Obiden and the communist gov’t.


Totally corrupt trial!!! They are all disgusting Dems!


Just set up for an appeal,mistrial for DJT

Kelly Sheats

Oh they know they’re gonna lose them on appeal just seems they don’t care. It’s like ‘Damage Done’ & worth it that he looks bad now vs later thanks to Bidens insistence I’m sure.,????


I’ll be glad when this is over… I can’t stand seeing the picture of Arthur Engoron in all of these articles. Just looking at that smug liberal a$$hole makes me sick.

Kelly Sheats

Is there nothing that can be done about these unruly bullying liberal judges that don’t operate normally?
Can’t they be reported to a higher authority somehow?