‘Tax the Rich’ Dem Caught Hiding $30M in Tax Haven

Newly uncovered financial paperwork has revealed that Rep. Daniel Goldman of New York, an influential Democrat who is actively pushing for greater efforts to combat income inequality, has stowed away a whopping $32.2 million in offshore tax havens, namely the Cayman Islands.

The funds are being used to finance his philanthropic organization, the Richard W. Goldman Foundation, which for over a decade has been dedicating charitable works to support those in need. Moreover, Goldman holds the role of financial director at the foundation, granting him control over where and how its assets are managed. According to House Ethics disclosures made by the congressman himself in July 2022, he will remain on the foundation’s board of advisors until then.

In light of this news coming to light, Rep. Goldman recently spoke out in favor of Joe Biden’s planned tax hikes on high-income earners and corporations as part of his budget revisions this year. “At a time when our country is facing an unprecedented level of wealth disparity,” he asserted, “the wealthiest members of society should be doing their part to make sure everyone can work towards achieving their dreams.” To this end, he was pleased to show his support for the proposed Billionaire Minimum Income Tax legislation as it would “encourage investment into our economy” and extend opportunity for people from marginalized backgrounds. As usual, Democrats claim one thing then do the exact opposite.

The topic of offshore accounts was particularly significant during former presidential nominee Mitt Romney’s campaign back in 2012 when Democrats sought to portray him as someone who avoids taxation through such means. Likewise, Senator Elizabeth Warren voiced her disapproval against loopholes which create advantages for some but not others, remarking that small businesses owners who continuously strive hard should not have to resort to keeping their money overseas so as not pay taxes they owe fairly.

Rep. Goldman comes from a wealthy family with roots in Levi Strauss & Co., with an estimated net worth ranging anywhere between $64 million and $253 million dollars according to reports.