Supreme Court Decision Is In…White House PANICKING

The United States Supreme Court has agreed to hear a landmark case, Missouri v. Biden, concerning allegations of the Biden administration violating First Amendment rights by coercing social media companies to censor specific content. This case is a shining beacon of hope for those who cherish freedom of speech and resist the creeping specter of government censorship.

US District Judge Terry Doughty initially ruled against the executive branch’s meddling with social media platforms, barring officials from making such contacts. But, in a move that has raised eyebrows, the Supreme Court has temporarily stayed Doughty’s ruling while they deliberate on the case. Justices Alito, Gorsuch, and Thomas boldly voiced their dissent, favoring the lower court’s order to stand firm.

The case arose from the patriotic states of Missouri and Louisiana, who courageously challenged the White House’s overreach in flagging so-called “misinformation” about COVID-19 vaccines for removal. These states argue, and rightly so, that the government’s actions are a blatant violation of our fundamental free speech rights.

This case represents a critical juncture in our nation’s history. It’s not just about social media; it’s about the very essence of our democracy. The government-speech doctrine, which allows the government to promote its own messages without being subject to First Amendment scrutiny, cannot be manipulated to suppress viewpoints that don’t align with the narrative of those in power.

The implications of this case will reverberate far beyond the confines of the courtroom. It will shape the future of online content regulation and determine the extent of the government’s influence over social media platforms — institutions that have become the town square of the 21st century.

In taking up this case, the Supreme Court has a golden opportunity to affirm the paramount importance of free speech and to halt the disturbing trend of government censorship. The outcome of Missouri v. Biden is eagerly awaited by those who believe in upholding our Constitution’s core values and preserving the freedom that makes America truly great.

The battle for free speech is far from over, but with this case, we are one step closer to reaffirming our commitment to this fundamental right. Let us hope that the Supreme Court makes the right decision, a decision that will resonate with the spirit of liberty and justice that our great nation was founded upon.

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about 40 years too late. The incessant strangulation of TRUTH is already part of the fabric of the rich. The Media has become poisoned and enjoy the REPORTING they do, not the journalism they should be promoting. It’s sad to see the swarms of human insects that cant get enough of “THE VIEW” or “ACB, CNS” and they eat it up like its their last supper. Technically it is


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Tim Kuehl

Biden’s government meddling probably cost lives since what they called misinformation about COVID vaccines and alternate treatment like Ivermectin and hydroxy are now proven to be true and what the government, AMA, media, etc. were spouting were lies that cost people their lives.

Dennis Heindl

Biden is “Big Brother” telling lies to control American voters.




And now he is trying to control our food!


LET FREEDOM RING!!!!! SCOTUS , dont let AMERICA down! Stand firm and never NEVER give in to the LEFTIST MARXIST justices in the court.

Mountain man

Even Fox News now only tells half of the truth if that much and we just sit on our couch and put up with it…saying “ oh..well..maybe it will get better next year “. …don’t believe protests because some one has to be paying these people to protest because no way can they have money for expensive hotels and food..I know I couldn’t afford to go somewhere and just protest and neither can they

David Stallings

There is so much we now know about the whole Covid debacle that the govt and leading media sources told us was not true or misleading or misinformation. Other sources were seeking the truth and were shut down, only to be proven right. So how are we to trust only what the govt states is fact? Intelligent people should be allowed to hear everything and decide for themselves.