Shocking Video Shows Maricopa County’s Fraudulent Signature Verification

I can’t believe that the drama in Maricopa County is still happening, but as of right now I’m thankful that it is, and I hope that Kari Lake prevails. With this new evidence, it’s very likely that she may win after all. A new video has surfaced that is causing shockwaves throughout Maricopa County. The video shows a signature verification worker approving signatures in less than 2 seconds per signature.

This raises serious questions about the integrity of the county’s signature verification process for voting by mail. The Maricopa County Recorder verified 206,648 early ballot affidavit signatures, which resulted in an average of 4.6 seconds per signature. This is far too short of a time to properly review and verify each signature, and it is likely that many fraudulent ballots were accepted as valid due to this rushed process.

Kari Lake has been granted a new trial in order to prove that Maricopa County ignored their own rules regarding signature verification when processing her ballots. She must now prove that her loss was due to the county’s negligence in verifying signatures correctly.

The former attorney general of Arizona had previously withheld evidence that debunked claims of fraud in Maricopa County during the 2020 election. However, Kari Lake’s attorney now claims he has “bombshell” evidence that on-site ballot tabulators were contaminated with false information during the election process.

It is clear from this shocking video and other evidence presented that something went wrong with Maricopa County’s signature verification process for voting by mail. It is now up to Kari Lake and her legal team to prove that this negligence was responsible for her 17,000-vote loss in the November 2022 election. Let’s hope that they can pull through and prove that there has been some seriously bad stuff going on in Arizona, because we know there was in 2020 as well.

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William Shillingford

It is long past due for Sen Feinstein to get out of the Senate , she doesn’t even know what day of the week it is . But there are quite few others with same mental problems which is one reason the country is going down the Roman empire path to destruction. Clearly there needs to be age standards of no one in Congress over 75 otherwise this country is doomed

Don Hech

At least mental test.


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Robert Saulino

The same thing can be said about Sleepy Joe Biden !! There are many times he was on TV, and he did NOT who he was talking to or where he was !! And he is in charge of ALL of our nuclear codes !! God help our country !!

Stephen Russell

Fix this AZ Now


yes the gateway to voter fraud is the mail in ballot.

Robert F Bolino

Now You Also Know The Truth! Are you as mad as I am? Oath Breakers one and all. Need Jail Time, every dam one of them! And Fire everyone of them!


O.M.G How to trust the election now !!!!