Shocking Study Finds Bad News for mRNA-Vаxxed People

Has there ever actually been any substantially good evidence that the vаccines that the government was pushing on everyone was actually more helpful than harmful? Everything I keep seeing about them has been negative. They were supposed to keep us from getting the virus…it didn’t. And we also didn’t understand the long-term effects that they would cause. But we were told to trust them anyway, because they’re the “experts”.

A recent study published in the scientific journal “Nature” has found a correlation between the mRNA C-19 vаccination and retinal vascular occlusion (RVO), a condition that can cause vision loss or blindness. The study used data from the TriNetX global network and included individuals who received either the Pfizer-BioNTech or the Moderna vаccine between January 2020 and December 2022. The study excluded individuals who had a history of RVO or who used any medication that could affect blood coagulation before vаccination.

The study found that individuals who received the mRNA C-19 vаccine had a higher risk of developing RVO within two years after vаccination, compared to those who did not receive the vаccine. The overall hazard ratio was 2.19 (95% confidence interval 2.00–2.39). The cumulative incidence of RVO was also significantly higher in the vаccinated cohort than in the unvаccinated cohort, two years and 12 weeks after vаccination. The risk of RVO increased significantly during the first two weeks after vаccination and persisted for 12 weeks. There was no difference in the risk of RVO between the first and second dose of the vаccine, or between the two brands of the vаccine.

The study authors concluded that RVO may not be a coincidental finding after mRNA C-19 vаccination, and suggested that further studies are needed to confirm the causality and mechanism of this association. They also recommended that ophthalmologists should be aware of this potential complication and monitor patients who have received the mRNA C-19 vаccine for signs and symptoms of RVO.

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Correlation is not causation.

Eric Hunter

Walking in the busy street is not the cause of you getting run over, so you can choose to go right ahead, but you would be wiser to note the correlation.


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Always curious

Why are people still calling the Covid shots Vaccines? They do not prevent the Virus ! Is that not the definition of a Vaccine??


It used to be. The definition was changed to allow for that!


WHY are we injecting this non working vaccine into our beef supply????

Kevin g Steigner

They have been injecting it into the pork production from 2018.



Captain Blasto

I hope everyone who pushed these poisons took them and are destroyed by them – very very soon!

fred Tran

You can take comfort in the knowledge that ANTIFA goons are 95% vaccinated and they tend to keep up with the booster schedule.


My partner just lost eyesight in his right eye permanently from CRVO after other complications with modern jabs; blood clots, heart failure, painful swelling of limbs and more. He was a Senior Olympics Tennis Player, very healthy before the jabs.


This IS NOT the least bit shocking to anyone with a degree of intellectual honesty that has been paying attention.


They don’t call it the clot shot for no reason


The government has poisoned the people,with all their lies,and people are dying bevcause.


The more you hear about the JAB, the WORSE it gets….