Sen. Cruz ‘So Pissed Off, I Can’t See Straight’ with Mitch McConnell

Senator Ted Cruz is absolutely furious, and he’s directed his anger straight at Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell. On a recent episode of “Verdict with Ted Cruz,” a podcast that he co-hosts with Ben Ferguson, the senator spoke out about the Republican Party’s failure to win back control of the Senate in the midterm elections. He expressed his disbelief that McConnell had chosen not to support Arizona Senate candidate Blake Masters – an action which Cruz called “indefensible”.

Cruz was particularly vocal about just how much of a missed opportunity the midterms had been for Republicans. He said it should have been “a fundamental landslide election”, noting that they were in a position to gain 30-50 votes in the House and potentially up to 55 in the Senate. Instead, he pointed to McConnell’s PAC as having pulled $8 million from what could have been a successful campaign for Masters in Arizona.

“Well, Ben, let me start off by saying I am so pissed off, I cannot even see straight. We had an extraordinary opportunity. We had a generational opportunity. This should have been a fundamental landslide election. We should have won the House and the Senate. We should have a 30, 40, 50 vote majority in the House. We should have 53, 54, 55 Republicans in the Senate,” Cruz said.

Cruz insisted that they could have won Arizona had it not been for Mitch dropping support for Masters. He once again labeled this decision as indefensible and reiterated his extreme disappointment at missing out on such a key chance to gain back power in Congress.

While it remains to be seen whether or not McConnell will acknowledge these comments from Senator Cruz, one thing is certain, Texans don’t mess around when it comes to taking a stand against injustice! Even though their hopes of gaining control of both chambers of Congress weren’t realized this time around, perhaps the message sent by Cruz will lead to firmer backing for future Republican candidates so that similar opportunities aren’t wasted again.

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Impeach that Mc Connel now he is a rhino and inbed with democrats and China. He sold out to them long ago. A rat period swamp rat.


McConnell and Ried are birds of a feather.

Rosalie Smith

He’s been a Rhino for a while. Time for him to go.

the old marine

I like Cruz he is a good person I think, he speaks up on some things. It is hard to always lead but he should. I wanted him to have the leadership. Get people to work and get rid of Mc Connell, he is a turn coat and only cares for himself.


comment image

Cecelia Henderson

No problem. Texas lost most of the Democrats we elected. We were told they were to busy kissing other Democrats elbows in Washington DC to come home. It cost the Texan taxpayer a Special Session.


He is a Senator,NOT the Governor

Cletis Hatchet.

I think there will be many people dying in the coming weeks from supporting the Communist agenda.Their money will not save them.Watch the Covid do its job.


So is the rest of the adults in this country.

John Grychak


-George Blumel

Republican Senators must replace McConnell or the Dems will continue to run the country.

Cecelia Henderson

McConnell stays in because we have too many RINO Senators that keep voting for him and most of the Democrats Bills. Check out Conservative Review on the net and you’ll find the Democrats that vote with Democrats more than they vote for Conservative Bills, including Mitch McConnell.


he is out. McCarthy is in..

Perry T Taylor

McCarthy is in the house of REPRESENTATIVES and McConnell is in the SENATE……

Sandra Smith

Not to mention the message he sent to AZ citizens, especially Repubs. He just threw them down the crapper for an agenda!

Robert Miller

Mitch the B**CH,you can always count on this low-life RINO!


Face it Senetor Cruz, mcconnell is BOUGHT owned, and CONTROLLED, by the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ of the members of the “deep state wealthy elite cabal”, and THEIR communist “handlers” (just like “o’biden” “heels-up-harris” and the weaponized “alphabet agencies, and sorry to say many “card-carrying” communist members of CON-gress) that are all controlled by the CCP in order to further the destruction of our REPUBLIC.

Lynne Harlacher

too bad Cruz isn’t voted out, such a loud mouth and a trouble maker……Who is calling the kettle black, Cancun Cruz…….

Cecelia Henderson

Oh stop it. He just got his family settled and returned. Let’s talk about the majority of the Texas Democrats that loaded up their ice chests and flew to WA, DC in the middle of a session. That cost the Texas taxpayers the cost of Special Sessions.


Maybe “We the People” should Purge this Government which obviously does not have Our Best Interest at Hand? Mitch McConnell needs to Go the Way of the Dinosaurs ASAP! We can start by Demanding Term Limits and go from there. Enough is Enough!


Vote him out of any leadership position. Why do they keep re-electing him for senate leader? He is compromised!


I’m with Cruz. McConnell must go. Republicans must get together and remove him from office immediately.


This is why we must have Term Limits!


I agree this should be done: Impeach that Mc Connel now he is a rhino and in bed with democrats and China. He sold out to them long ago. A rat period swamp rat.

Philip Arwood Byler

I applaud Senator Cruz’s comments. McConnell is really a Democrat.


Cruz, nail McRINO McConnell with a spinning back kick and retire him.


Cruz, I hate to be the one to tell you, but you are all the same feathers on the bird, yes, the bird you are giving the American people by letting dominion voting systems owned by all demo rats, soros, piglosie’s husband which is one in the same both being criminals, and you DO NOTHING TO STOP OBVIOUS STEALS,, GO POUND SAND, YOU HAVE KNOW FOR A LONG TIME CHINA MCCONNELL IS DONE EVERYTHING FOR HIS PERSONAL POCKET BOOK BY SELLING OUT AMERICA, ALL INVOLVED NEED TO BE SWINGING FROM A TREE, THAT MEANS THE ONE’S THAT DID NOTHING ABOUT IT ALSO

Mk Abe

As always Cruz is absolutely right! McConnell through the election to the Dims. Get rid of him…..!!!


My friends & I stood face to face with McConnell,at a restaurant,after the 2010 Tea Party in DC.He was quivering & almost in tears & asked us to “Please send help .We’ve been holding it down here for 18 months”(because of Obama).We promised him we would & that’s why we were in DC. 2 months later we swept the house & senate. 1 year later he said he was going to destroy the Tea Party!?? A snake.