See the Shirt That Was ‘Offending’ Shoppers at Mall of America – Man Ordered to Take It Off (VIDEO)

Cellphone video recently captured a confrontation between a Mall of America security guard and a man wearing a “Jesus Saves” T-shirt. Reports have since revealed that the guard informed the man that his shirt was causing offense to other shoppers, ordering him to remove it or leave the mall.

Alpha News, an independent publication covering Minnesota news, published two clips showing the man in discussion with security guards near the mall’s rotunda. One of these had been livestreamed to Facebook on 7th January. The back of the man’s t-shirt was emblazoned with “Jesus is the only way” followed by a crossed out ‘coexist’ symbol.

The guard told him that “Jesus is associated with religion, and it’s offending people,” adding that they had received complaints from customers who were offended by it. He then offered two options: either take off the shirt or leave the mall. The man protested, arguing he hadn’t said anything; he had just gone to Macy’s.

At this point, the guard raised his voice and declared that if he wanted to shop at Mall of America, he would need to remove his shirt as religious soliciting is strictly prohibited on private property. The man asked what was wrong with his t-shirt and why it offended people, but there was no response from security personnel before another clip ends with both parties going their separate ways – although it is unclear whether or not he left the mall in question.

Mall of America has clear policies regarding what constitutes inappropriate attire, including clothing featuring obscene language or slurs which could create a disturbance – which can include offensive religious apparel like this ‘Jesus Saves’ T-shirt too. Despite numerous calls and emails sent by Alpha News requesting comment from Mall of America last week there was no response from them in regard to this particular incident.

In light of all this, Bloomington Patriots are now organizing a demonstration at the famous shopping center on 4th February in support of this individual’s right to wear clothes featuring religious messages without fear of discrimination or being asked to leave. Although Alpha News reported that some online sources suggested he may have eventually been allowed back into Mall of America wearing his T-shirt after all, there has been no official confirmation or clarification yet from any member of staff at the mall itself in relation this matter since then either.

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Minnesota trash at the Mall of America being nothing but trash and so was the mall cop. Let Minnesota rot.


The thing is that every person that dies without Christ is doomed, not just Minnesotans. He came to give forgiveness to anyone that would hear him, understand that he or she (sorry, there’s only 2 options and you can’t change what you are) is a sinner, puts their faith in Jesus Christ, and repents from their sin. Most people reject Him because they love the darkness. Unfortunately, Minnesotans are no different than anyone else.


not to worry…. how many yankees do you think GOD will give salvation to? Jesus wasn’t a fan of lawyers either. Both groups don’t have much of a chance of heaven.

Papa Bear

Unfortunately neither do you. Judge not, lest ye be judged.Ever heard of that?

John Reynolds

Ever see that oft-abused scripture in context?
Judge not, that you be not judged. For with what judgment you judge, you will be judged; and with the measure you use, it will be measured back to you”. That means that a person will be held to the same standards they dish out.

Della Where

God is merciful to whoever calls upon His name. Read your Bible, if you have one.


Really? And by what name do you call him? Do you realize that “Jesus” is NOT Christ’s name? His name in Hebrew is Yehoshua (Yeshua), which translates in English to Joshua, not Jesus! The name “Jesus” is a mistransliteration caused from translating fro Hebrew to Greek, then to Latin, then to English. The majority of so-called Christians will be left behind because they have been deceived and never took the time to research the truth. ALL of the modern translations are loaded with deceit and errors because of those who have changed Yahweh’s word. If you believe in heliocentrism, miscegenation, evolution, jewry/zionism, leftism … then you cannot believe in Yahweh (God) or Yeshua (Christ). Muslims changed the Messiah to Mohammad, Catholics changed the Messiah to Jesus, “Jews” do NOT believe in Christ, too many “Christians” are being led astray by the deceiving churches, Time to wake up!


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Last edited 5 months ago by Julia

Would admin. please block this garbage?!

Della Where

Somalis own Minnesota.


Yes and they are muslimes! They are offended by the all other religions.


ALL religions are of “works” except one…… Look and live


Our country is becoming a nation of demonic heathens.


Yep. Exactly why Jesus came.

Rev Doug' C of M G' 1975

husbands ‘come’? “JESUS” is a mexico ‘taxi driver!’

Della Where

No, that would be Hay-Suess.


Jesus is NOT Christ’s name! His name is Yeshua/Yehoshua! Jesus is a mistransliteration! Look it up! Christ’s true translated name is Joshua!


what did Jesus say, when asked “when will you return?” Do YOU think you will “make the cut” next time? Only 8 made it out of the flood…. and one of them was cursed


Minnesota has become a haven for socialists & Marxists will never visit the state.


You left off communist and demons. When you say, “in the Name of Jesus,” demons flee!


And Muslims and terrorists.


the north part of Amerika has been this way since before the War of Northern Aggression. nothing new. The sane sheeople should have separated (seceded) long ago.

Concrete Cowboy

You Tim, are of course referring to the “War of Southern Insolence.”


Independence, IF you can’t leave, you AIN’T free. “shove thy neighbor?” then raise his property taxes so yankees can buy us out? yeah, read your Bible


Mozzzzzlems have destroyed the entire area including the MOA.

Della Where

Democrats have destroyed any hope of not having a Civil War with all of these fighting age armies they have deliberately let across the border.


Soliciting ? Pathetic.


Saying he was soliciting religion shows the IGNORANCE of the security guard. The mall needs to be sued to learn a lesson !!


Why do you think their called mall cops… LMBO…



Sandra Smith

Shopping, or even browsing, is not soliciting anything.

George Horvat

Really? Since when has the name “Jesus” become ofensive in The United States?
Since Muslims have become a major population in the Minne/St. Paul area I’m surprised that St.Paul’s name hasn’t been changed to Allah-YeuchBar.

Plain Jane

Mall of America is mostly Muslim shopping now. I will not go there. Another place they have taken over.


It might offend the muslim cultists. You know, the political cult masquerading as a religion.


Does this mean that everyone with the name Jesus or the Spanish pronunciation will have to change their names

Miss Jesse

Good point!


They seem a bit egotistical. LOL


Ilhan Abdullahi Omar is an American politician serving as the U.S. representative for Minnesota’s 5th congressional district. Enough said? The parts of America our Politicians did not steal or sell they gave away to our enemies. 

Lisel Sipes

I should have known. Muslime trash


I wonder if the security police was muslim?


That was my question ~!!


you know that if they did, the financial loss would be devastating. But, like Republicans – would they? Nah….
They’re all weak.

Della Where

I have never been there to begin with and have no desire to go.

e e

ok, so that guy’s T-shirt was offensive and the so-called solution is to take it off. what that guy should have done was tell the mall cops that their uniform is offensive to him. seeing them causes him to fear for his life. so if the mall cops take off their uniforms, then he would take off his T-shirt.


Jesus Christ is NOT A RELIGON, Jesus is a way of life for those who have accepted HIM AS LORD AND SAVIOR !

Connie Skolburg

If I lived there and didn’t work 60 hours a week I would spend all my time at that mall looking for people with “offensive shirts” and make security aware so they could ask them to leave…There are hundreds of people with “offensive shirts” I was unaware that a “Jesus shirt” was among them. If I were him I would return all items purchased there and go to a mall that allows freedom of religion. I’ll make sure I stick my “Jesus Saves” shirt on before I go to the Brea Mall in California. I’d like to thank the man who stood up for Jesus.

Michial E Lawrence

This gentleman by right should be allowed to face his accusers. How does he know for sure that anyone was offended by his shirt? It is only on the word of the obese security guards say so. That in of itself is hearsay. It actually means nothing.

Marilyn Smith

WHAT does the security guard’s weight have to do with anything at all in this argument?


Some of us are offended by those who choose so eat so much they become obese. I have the right to fear they may fall or sit on me. Its also unpleasant to look at. As Americans we should not have to look at or face any aspect of reality that offends us. If you don’t look like me I might be offended. If you don’t think like me I am definitely offended.


Very clever.


I thought the same thing(s) while watching the video.

It is well past time to start calling out their BS for what it is and to stand up for your beliefs. This country has become a bastion of submissive beta-males.

CPO Bill

I would have said ” Come and Take It Heathen!


So very Christian of you.


Yes, demons always cringe and complain when the name of Jesus is displayed.


So, these Mall “cops” are willing to LOSE their Jobs and get SUED over Violating this man’s 1st Amendment RIGHTS ????


It is private property!it might not seem right, and i agree, but it is legal. You cant do what ever you want on private property.


That’s EXACTLY what facebook, twitter, and other social media hide behind, while pretending “public” using Section 230 !


Seems like a public space to me. Where are the signs that says that you can’t wear “Jesus Saves?”

Bill R

Sharia Law doesn’t have a 1st Amendment.

anthony cuccia jr

we have the law of America first in this country


So, if i dont like say, Bob Marly, i just go up to the guard and say it offends me and the person wearing it has to take it off or leave? Ya know mon, Rasta is religion! PS, i do like Bob

Uncle Art

Well than any and all stores that sell Any kind of religious clothes ” burkas ” crosses,star of David pentagrams etc.. All of it those stores Must be Shut Down at once. Anyone wearing anything in any shape or form must be removed now! Because whoever owns that mall of America must lead by example!!!
America is based on freedom of religion! So anything different needs to be removed from America one way or another !!
Sounds like it’s part of a socialist globalist agenda pushing property !!
Boycott all the stores so they can’t pay rent & will close down and see how fast their policies change . And how fast the store owners come together. They won’t if it’s just a couple of stores closing so make sure it’s all of them !!
Also you stores do not sell /service any burkas wearing people and their owners I mean husbands/fathers

Last edited 1 year ago by Uncle Art

They can’t allow JESUS in a mall with all those Moslims Roaming around !


I wore several of my Christian T-shirts to a mall, and no one ever chided me or yelled at me or any of the other words on the shirts or verbally doing so.


To that mall?

Sandra Smith

Then require the Muslims to cease wearing their offensive attire in your mall too, or leave that man alone!


Right, their attire offends me.


What is wrong with Minnesota?

Bill R

Obama sent 10’s of thousands Muslims there for starters.

Country Boy

I see a lawsuit coming over this……..


Live and let live!!!!!!


Lots of women in my red state wear necklaces with a CROSS around their neck.
But, it’s a RED STATE and there are Muslim women wearing their outfits – which are a declaration of their religion and no one cares.
(Except for wishing they would go back to their home countries.)
Don’t the Muslim women in Minnesota dress in typical Muslim fashion?


And it was OK that the BLM led 663 RIOTS in the US? Come on, people.

Bernard Zamostny

I found the “Mall Cops” uniform offensive…perhaps he should be forced to take it off.


Please spare us all the view of that obese blob.

william grant



He has a right to wear what he wants as long as it cover private parts gthese complainers need to get a job this is America not China, Russia so get over it

Paul Lamothe

if people are offended they should leave and get a ife


Jesus had better come soon or we all are doomed. I can’t believe people are actually doing this over a t-shirt. God bless this man for his heroism to wear it.

CJ Fitzgerald

This would seem to be grounds for a lawsuit for religious discrimination.


Guess they don’t know what the First Amendment is about!!


fascist governments destroy freedom of religion and democrats are behind this destruction of America for china and russia


Why is it that only Conservative things are banned?


Don’t give in until they arrest you…Then get a good lawyer


Had enough of Democrats YET?

Stephen Russell

Persecution comes


How come every other religion can openly express their beliefs but Christians? That’s because we let them! ‘Kneel to no man but God’.


Maybe those atheists won’t be saved! let em go to satan!

Conservative Not Republican

If the gentleman had been wearing a shirt which displayed a pro Islam message…would he have been asked to remove that shirt?

I suspect that we all know the answer to that one.