Radical Democrat Introduces Legislation to Make White People Criticizing Minorities a Federal Crime

Rep. Shelia Jackson Lee has proposed a truly disastrous bill that would make it a federal crime for white people to criticize any non-white person or group, even if they’re speaking out against injustice. This proposed legislation is so convoluted and overbroad that it puts anyone who may express an opinion, regardless of their race, at risk of being convicted of a federal crime.

What’s even more concerning is the fact that the bill does not take into account the distinction between valid criticism and hate speech. Under this measure, everything from posting about Shelia Jackson Lee’s abuse of her staff to expressing disagreement with the Black Lives Matter organization could be considered “vilification” and thus become punishable in court. The inclusion of “or” in section (B) is also troubling as it gives prosecutors the power to interpret arguably any remark as “vilifying”.

Furthermore, this law could be used to silence political dissidents by claiming that their comments incited “white supremacy inspired hate crimes”. This means there’s no requirement for prosecutors to prove any real connection between these two people, leaving many open to unjust prosecution for simply having opposing views. Given all this, it seems clear that this bill has less to do with justice and more to do with controlling certain forms of speech by stifling free expression and political discourse.

It’s outrageous that Rep. Shelia Jackson Lee would propose such an authoritarian measure which tramples on our Constitutional right to free speech. Americans should not have their First Amendment rights taken away in order satisfy someone’s totalitarian agenda under the guise of protecting minorities from hate speech. This proposal must be rejected by Congress so that we can continue our discussion on injustices without fear of criminal repercussions.

This is not how we bring our country together. This causes nothing but division.

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This woman is one of the biggest racists.


Woman? You Primate, don’t you?…

jim carter

wait wait wait why in the world would you insult a primate like that


Magilla Gorilla in drag.

Meathead 41



Just lib trash being lib trash. There are many of color we praise like MLK, Dr. Sowell, Canace Owens, Larry Elder and on and on but yes, we don’t respect the whiny children of any race.


Agree! Very well put

Roger Moen

Don’t use the word we, because you are not talking for me. Say many of us. The only person I have any knowledge of on your list is MLK. He had the right idea about racial equality but I don’t praise anyone just because of one idea or dream they happen to have. As for the other you names I don’t know them so I don’t praise them.


/Viggers, the only reason I carry concealed.


She is a disgusting person and should NEVER hold the job that she has. No different than the fool and tax evading Al Sharpton.


People must love her, she keeps getting elected.


Ignorance is what ignorance does.

Howard K Rosenstein

ELECTION FRAUD is how this piece of trash keeps getting elected> The Demonicrat Party has perfected election fraud and the real votes are never tabulated. Sorry folks, it looks like we are headed for a 1776 moment in history. In other words, a real bloody insurrection is becoming a real possibility, most likely an inevitability! I predict millions of citizens will eventually flood into D.C. to remove the pompous pieces of dung from our buildings. The tipping point remains to be seen.


Dem folks on da plantation be awful loyal.


You can’t fix stupid.

Roger Moen

Of all the people I have ever seen on a ballot, I have never loved anyone of them.


Sick Puppy.

Chuck Price

The Left gets more loony every day. I wonder what possesses people that voted for this Cretin.


“Domninion machines” don’t have to possess people, the left’s hero, Stalin, says they only have to count the votes


If Sheila was a white person, she’d have been set out on the curb a long time ago. She is the biggest racist in Congress.


Those voting for this radical Democrat should take notice. This woman is dangerous and should be rejected.


She is a useless racist troublemaker.


She’s the female Al Sharpton.


how can black people be taken seriously when they came up with stupid crap like this,only a black in America!

Robert Miller

I love Rep. Shelia Jackson Lee!!

John Rodgers

Comedy fodder? Right?


Dat YOU, Al Sharpton???


Get some medical help and soon, you gotta me a sick dude.


Wonder what Dr. King would think of her stupid schiff??

Fred Ward

Let’s see-1st amendment, equal protection and the civil rights act. And she is one of our “rulers?”

J. R. Justice

This is what you get when you give a dam ignorant PRIMATE a little bit of authority !!!!

RockyMtn 1776

Another poster child for term limits.


Just shows how Stupid some people are..


She is just another ignorant Aunt Jemima.


NOW, NOW……………………..

Aunt Jemima made some mean pancakes.

This BICH is good for NOTHING.


Please don’t insult Aunt Jemima. She sowed into her neighborhoods and used the money she received to help others. Very smart lady. Sheila Jackson, not so, not helping noone. Just a total 0,0,0,0’s. Actually she still stuck in the 70’s..?


This extremely bigoted ignoramus thought Neil Armstrong planted the US flag on Mars and the US Constitution is 400 years old. It doesn’t say much for those voters who keep on re-elected jackson lee to congress. She in no way belongs in any office of government, elected or as a bureaucrat.

Last edited 1 year ago by YO VINNIE

They need to look within to see where the problem is.


No ability for self-introspection in a dimmercrat.


I didn’t realize but, it’s actually true when it was said by someone: You can take the person out of the gutter but, you can’t take the gutter out of the person!


All i can say…


A leading example of the problem race.


A better way to go is to have a law preohibiting things llike this from being in office or having any input into anything.


She can shove it where the sun doesn’t shine.


Democrats hate the Bill of Rights. Especially, the 1st and 2nd amendments.


More democratic In saneness..


I have always called a spade, a spade. Her bill isn’t going anywhere but in the garbage where it belongs.


Shelia Jackson Lee is a perfect example of why many blacks are held in low esteem. She will always play the poor victim.


This is laughable. She wants to eviscerate the first amendment. I don’t think so.


She’s a racist and it shows. How about Blacks who criticize Whites or blame them for all their problems.


Will they do that to minorities criticizing whites? Why the double standard?

Bill R

Democrats pushing their Racism even further.


Well, ain’t that just racist!


If for some ignorant reason anyone has a question about which party promotes racism, Sheila J. Lee has just set the benchmark for the stupidest racist remark in history. Mona Gorilla has spoken!