Possible Trump VP Pick Pours Cold Water on Potential Newsom-Harris Ticket

The political drama reaches new heights as Democrats scramble to find a suitable replacement for Joe Biden. With whispers swirling around the cognitive health of the incumbent, California Governor Gavin Newsom has emerged as a popular choice to step into the presidential ring. However, this week, Senator Marco Rubio—the possible Vice Presidential pick for Donald Trump—has thrown a wet blanket on the left’s dream of a Newsom-Harris ticket.

The political theater is as riveting as ever. Senator Rubio made waves during his appearance on CNN’s “State of the Union” when he dismissed the notion of a Newsom-Harris ticket. Rubio, often mentioned as a top contender for the VP slot alongside Trump, was confronted with questions about his potential move out of Florida or resignation from his Senate seat, given that both he and Trump hail from the Sunshine State. The U.S. Constitution, in its quirky wisdom, prevents electors from voting for a president and vice president who are both residents of the same state—a potential hiccup for the Rubio-Trump duo.

Rubio’s remarks come amid a cacophony of speculation and Twitter meltdowns over Biden’s future. The president’s less-than-stellar debate performance last month has left many Democrats jittery, and social media has been buzzing with predictions about Newsom stepping up to bat. The California governor, known for his telegenic presence and progressive policies, has been touted as the logical successor by many within the party.

But news flash: Newsom himself seems to be playing it cool. While addressing a group of Michigan Democrats, Newsom reassured the anxious crowd that Biden is “all in” on his re-election campaign. “What I need to convince you of is not to be fatalistic, not to fall prey to all this negativity,” Newsom urged, sounding more like a motivational speaker than a presidential hopeful. He insisted that party activists should rally behind the incumbent rather than succumb to doom and gloom.

Despite Newsom’s attempts to quell the frenzy, the Democratic Party remains in a state of high drama. The debate about Biden’s cognitive decline has exposed deep rifts within the party, with some members whispering in dark corners about potential replacements like Newsom, Kamala Harris, and even Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer.

To add another layer of intrigue, there are voices like Michael Rapaport—yes, the actor—who have openly declared their support for Trump if Newsom or Harris were to replace Biden. It’s a plot twist worthy of a Netflix series: Hollywood meets politics, and the lines are blurrier than ever.

As Rubio pours cold water on the Newsom-Harris scenario, he also emphasizes the need for Republicans to focus on policies rather than Biden’s health. “We will be flat-footed to compete against a Gavin Newsom,” warns the senator, highlighting the strategic necessity for the GOP to keep their eyes on the prize.

For now, the Democratic Party finds itself at a crossroads, with the specter of Biden’s cognitive decline looming large. Whether they stick with the seasoned but embattled incumbent or pivot to a fresh face like Newsom, the stakes could not be higher.

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Figures, Newsome? He is a supporter of China and has totally brought California Down to the depths of Communism. He makes regular trips to China to see his pals.
California is a garbage pit under him, and he wants to make the country the same??


How come no comment that it could not be a Newsome-Harris ticket because they are both from California


she/it is from Jamaica, she is NOT black. she/it does act like a N1663R though

Delphos Speaks

You have the same problem. Harris and Newsome are both from California.

Grace Bruno

Newsome as a Biden replacement would be interesting. Millions have run from California since Newsome turned it into a sh*thole. I’m sure he would be just as successful with the country then where do we run?