Peter Doocy Snaps After Jean-Pierre Dodges His Question

Spark flew at a White House press briefing after Fox News’s Peter Doocy finally snapped at White House Press Secretary Jean-Pierre. The Press Sec was doing her usual and dodging Doocy’s question and the fed-up reporter finally called her on it in a heated exchange.

Doocy pressed Jean-Pierre to answer a simple question—What is Biden’s stance on abortion?  He began as he always does with a basic, rather innocuous question. This time, it touched on her opening remarks lambasting the 15-week abortion ban proposed by Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC): “Following up on your topper, does President Biden favor any limits on abortion?”

Jean-Pierre said “we’ve been very, very clear” in “talking specifically about” Graham’s plan, but Doocy interjected to push her along: “And your position on his plan is clear. 15 weeks is unacceptable.”

She then continued: “I was speaking to — directly to what Republicans are trying to do. They are calling — they are calling — they are calling for a national ban, which takes us backwards.”

Continuing to stammer her way along, Doocy fact-checked her by noting Graham’s proposal is only for 15 weeks and not an outright ban.

Jean-Pierre continued to lie, claiming “it’s a national ban, which will take us backwards and will put at risk the health of women” and would be the first step by “extreme Republican officials” in ending “privacy” and “contraception” and attacking “marriage” (as in gay and interracial marriages).

“I’m not going to get into specifics here. I’m just going to lay out what — what they have said that they’re going to do,” she hilariously added.

Doocy seized on that nonsense: “Why not get into specifics? The Republicans are saying we don’t want abortion after 15 weeks. Why can’t you say how many weeks the President thinks the limit is?”

Jean-Pierre again diverted by invoking House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) and the House GOP’s Commitment to America, but Doocy wasn’t having it, saying he’s “not asking about Kevin McCarthy” and instead about “Joe Biden and his position on abortion.”

After being asked one last time “how many weeks,” Jean-Pierre filibustered with a meandering answer about Republicans “trying to take away the rights and freedoms of Americans.” Doocy tried to push back, but Jean-Pierre moved on to Bloomberg Government’s Courtney Rozen.

Doocy almost always complies when Jean-Pierre (or Jen Psaki) would move on, but not on this day as he exclaimed, “you did not answer my question”

She, of course, did NOT answer his question.


I don’t think anyone really expected Jean-Pierre to be open and honest about Biden’s stance on abortion. I’m not sure his handlers have told him what his opinion should be as of yet.

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Well trained by the bidens! Just spout schiff!


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She really is stupid! It’s a simple question.


KJP is a total POS. She may checked off many boxes to get her job but she quite incompetent.


Incompetence has no real answer, only misdirection.


Exactly. I was just about to say the same thing.




Wonder if she gets paid by the lie!

Lisa z Andrews

Not out of the big guy’s 10%. That’s for sure.

Gerald Ladd

Asking a dem what time it is, is a tough question for a dem.


Ig’nate diversity hire. What did you expect?

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KJP is a bloviating liberal bobble headed clown. It is time to STOP THE INSANITY!


All she is able to do is make a fool of herself and her corrupt administration!


The common sense, logic and critical thinking of the average Demwit is about a 7th grade level, and that might even be too generous. They are expert liars, cheaters and manipulators.


Well done, Peter, I mean this woman has basically ignored his questions since her first day. She is incompetent has little or no knowledge about what is going on and lies her a$$ off in just about every session. She also is the goat being sent on stage every day to be made to look like a fool, but then she confirms it with her actionsand answers!



Delvorte Sarcocci

But at least she’s got her prize for biggest and brightest red nose. Now she’s a bigger and brighter CLOWN. Time to put pierre back in the clown cage.


It’s amazing the amount of nonsense the chocolate floor mop can pull out of that binder.