ICYMI: Official Indicted on Voter Fraud Charges, ‘Stuffing’ Ballots in Democratic Primary

In November of last year, Albert Turner Jr., who had been serving on the Perry County Commission since 2000 when he inherited his father’s position, allegedly engaged in some fraudulent activity involving absentee ballots. According to District Attorney Michael Jackson and Secretary of State John Merrill, Mr. Turner supposedly presented an undisclosed number of completed, mailed-in absentee ballots to a Perry County grand jury. As a result of this alleged incident, the two government officials have opened up an investigation into what happened.

When asked about the potential impact that this fraud could have had on the outcome of the elections, Merrill was unable to comment as he said there were “a lot of variables” that would need to be taken into consideration before such a conclusion could be made. However, he did make clear that his office has worked hard since 2015 to ensure voting is easy and fraud is hard across Alabama. He added that these accusations will receive all due attention and scrutiny from his office, as it does for all 1805 similar incidents they have investigated during their years in service.

Turner himself has responded with claims of innocence and even gone so far as to accuse Merrill of political motivations behind the charges leveled against him two days before his term as Secretary of State ended. The Facebook page associated with Turner also echoed these sentiments by suggesting that Jackson’s “bogus” charges were nothing more than “political theatre,” while also affirming Turner’s belief that no ballot stuffing was done by him but rather “by the people of Perry County.”

The statement later went on to allege that Merrill had visited Turner’s courthouse office just weeks before asking that he be given some business at his new job at an engineering firm in Mississippi – an accusation which remains unsubstantiated at this time.

Albert Turner Sr., who passed away in 2000, was a well-known civil rights activist who was an advisor to Martin Luther King Jr., participating in historical marches such as the 1965 Selma-Montgomery march for voting rights alongside King himself. His son Albert Jr., now facing allegations of voter fraud and other electoral violations, has served multiple terms on the Perry County Commission since then, but time will tell if this recent controversy will affect his standing or future aspirations going forward.

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Gerald Ladd

Funny how all the voter fraud is being found now, after the damage to our country was done.


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Last edited 11 months ago by Julia

It’s always been there, it’s just the GOP as a whole has no guts and settles for whatever the democrats will give them. In my time it started with Johnson winning his senate seat with votes from the grave. The republicans knew this but did nothing. When questioned why they did nothing they said they didn’t want to raise a stink. Look at the damage Johnson has done to this country and it continues to this day.


The fraud was identified back then, but no judicial individual would let it come to a jury.

j. r. jUSTICE

THERE is the PROBLEM !!!!!!

William G Munson

Well they knew that when they Did it too that it would be too late to do anything about it!!

j. r. jUSTICE

What’s FUNNY about this is that NOT ONE DAM THING WILL EVER BE DONE ABOUT IT !!!!!!


I don’t give a schumer if marxist dems lie, rob, and cheat each other. They’re just practicing for their REAL grand theft. Stealing another election from the R’s, and NOTHING is ever done about that.


They don’t have to do much cheating, robing or lying as the gutless GOP just gives the elections to them.

Mountain man

I finally figured out what misinformation really means it is simply a democratic lie told to cover up a democratic lie..oh..and a favorite saying in our family is when we have to go to the bathroom is we have to go take a “ Biden “..


You’re giving Biden too much credit

j. r. jUSTICE


Stephen Russell

Rerun same for 2024??


The fraud is always on the democrat side of the aisle.


Yes and the stupid GOP just stands there like a deer in headlights doing nothing about it and hasn’t for decades.

William G Munson

Let me tell you I seen Much Voter Fraud and I want to Know should not William Barr who SHUT DOWN the investigation of Voter Fraud Be Tried for TREASON?? and other too who were in on it Period

Former Marine

Read some of the comments and it is not an absence of guts but a fact that both sides want the USA to fall and nearly all politicians have their own piece to claim after the fall. If You can understand My statement, Welcome to the reality of life and it will be clear after the fall.

j. r. jUSTICE

I’m sick of hearing about ALL THE FRAUD that WE were told by these CRIMINALS didn’t occur !!!! We All KNOW What has happened !!!!!