Nunes Drops Bombshell: Obama Had Direct Involvement in Trump-Russia Hoax

Former Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, Devin Nunes, recently appeared on Maria Bartiromo’s Sunday Morning Futures to discuss his discoveries years prior that the Trump-Russian Collusion narrative was a bogus fabrication by the Deep State. It turns out that the Hillary Clinton Campaign was behind this entire scheme which was designed with a primary intent to remove an elected President from office. As Special Counsel John Durham revealed in his final report this past Monday, the FBI had no credible evidence when they initiated their investigation into Donald Trump dubbed ‘Crossfire Hurricane’ back in 2016.

Nunes also pointed out former President Obama’s role in perpetuating this false narrative after Trump became President. It is astonishing how Obama lied and misled the public with his claims of collusion despite there being no substantial evidence at hand. This is yet another example of how far some individuals are willing to go to achieve their own agenda even when it means trying to take down an elected leader before they have taken office.

Devin Nunes said, “When you see Durham go through this exhaustive three year process and actually come forth with all of this information that in any normal world, there were so many crimes committed here.

And remember, don’t forget that you had Obama. You asked me, what did Obama know about this? Well, this was a stunt by the Hillary Clinton campaign in 2016. It failed miserably because Donald Trump won overwhelmingly. Then what happened? Obama was directly involved because he’s the one that went back right after the election in 2016. He got all the intelligence agencies involved and they leaked out to the fake news media that, oh, the Russians must have done something and they were trying to help Trump.

Obama did that, but Obama knew. We now know from Durham, Obama knew and his team knew in August of ’16 that this was a dirty trick by the Hillary Clinton campaign.”

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Obama was also involved in all the Biden crime family deals with foreign governments. Multiple meetings at the White House does not go on without the then president Obama knowing about it.


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Obama was the worst and started what Joe is trying to finish. Biden is not man enough to work on his own he needs leadership and supervision. It really doesn’t matter what any committee or investigation determines, nothing-NOTHING will be done. They’ve covered themselves quite well unless the American public rises up and demands action to charge Obama and others. if someone isn’t charged and an example made, this country is lost after all the lives lost in the wars for what? so they could destroy what was onc. agreat nation that th world looked up to but now….


I call this TREASON. I call for their DEATH BY EXECUTION.