New Report Reveals Trump Would Have Won 90% Mail-in Ballot Fraud Scenarios During 2020 Election

The 2020 Presidential Election witnessed a significant surge in mail-in voting, largely due to the implementation of “no excuse mail-in voting” and the distribution of ballots to every registered voter. However, concerns about the security and integrity of mail-in ballots have persisted for years. In fact, a bipartisan report from former President Jimmy Carter and former Secretary of State James Baker in 2005 referred to mail-in balloting as “one of the major sources of fraud.” Despite these warnings, the number of mail-in ballots cast in 2020 reached a staggering 65.5 million, more than double the number in 2016.

Interestingly, prior to the 2020 election, the media’s narrative surrounding mail-in voting underwent a significant shift. While warnings about the potential dangers of mail-in ballots were once prevalent, the media began touting the idea that mail-in voting was not only secure but even more secure than in-person voting. The New York Times claimed in May 2020 that mail-in balloting was “even more secure than in-person voting,” while another article in August 2020 asserted that voting by mail was the “surest path to a more inclusive, more accurate, and more secure election.” These shifts in narrative raise questions about the true security of mail-in ballots.

In December, the Heartland Institute released a report titled “Who Really Won the 2020 Election?” in partnership with Rasmussen Reports. The report aimed to assess the potential impact of mail-in ballot fraud on the outcome of the Trump-Biden race for the White House. The findings were nothing short of shocking.

To understand the extent of mail-in voter fraud, the Heartland Institute conducted a poll of 1,085 individuals who voted in the 2020 election. The results were eye-opening, with 30% of respondents indicating that they had voted by mail. Among these mail-in voters, a significant number admitted to engaging in fraudulent activities:

  • 21% admitted to voting in a state where they were no longer permanent residents.
  • 21% confessed to filling out a ballot for a friend or family member.
  • 17% admitted to signing a ballot for a friend or family member, with or without their permission.
  • 19% revealed that a friend or family member had filled out their ballot, partially or entirely, on their behalf.

Based on the polling data, the Heartland Institute extrapolated the potential impact of mail-in ballot fraud on the electoral results. The report considered different levels of fraud and assessed various swing states individually.

At the highest assumed level of fraud (28.2%), President Trump would have emerged as the winner in Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. This would have resulted in a significant victory for Trump in the Electoral College, with a final tally of 311-227.

Even at the lowest assumed level of fraud (2-1%), President Trump would have secured victory in multiple states, including Georgia, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. In this scenario, the Electoral College result would have been 278-260 in favor of Trump.

In addition to presenting their findings, the Heartland Institute report offered proactive and preventative recommendations to address the issue of voter fraud. These suggestions included:

  • Updating and verifying registration rolls annually.
  • Requiring identification for in-person voting.
  • Encouraging in-person voting.
  • Requiring a witness or notary signature on all mail-in ballots.
  • Requiring a valid excuse to request a mail-in ballot.
  • Outlawing ballot harvesting.
  • Forbidding unattended and unsecured drop boxes.
  • Implementing signature verification for mail-in voting.
  • Establishing state-level agencies to investigate claims of election law violations.
  • Passing laws that impose harsh penalties for voter fraud.

The report also proposed the involvement of notaries to validate all ballot signatures and even suggested reimbursing notaries for their services. These recommendations aim to ensure the integrity of the voting process and prevent fraudulent activities.

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Well without mail in ballot fraud the dems will just find another way to steal our elections!

Richard Logan

Indeed they would have Carol.


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Last edited 5 months ago by Julia

Get this BS off of here.

Ron C

Why yes, the mail in ballots were supplemented with the dominion voting machines that were designed for vote cheating!


But we still need to make their cheating as difficult as possible.


Yup, that is what Nikki Hayley is waiting for, a DALLAS 1963 do over!


Okay, Has anything been done to repeat the process in subsequent elections after 2020? Obviously NOT!




Yes, as originally stated to repeat to the cheat; no, as amended, other than we were charged for new curtains to hide instead of replacing a few of the broken windows. And it is only obvious if one DIDN’T ask MSM=DNC.


A poll of voters has no correlation with fraudulent use of mail in ballots.


Most people are smart enough to not admit breaking laws. Except democrats. So this pole is very telling. Your comment really makes no sense. A poll of voters who admit fraud does correlate.

Richard Logan

They are only telling us what we already knew. The 2020 election was a fraud commited by the Dem’s.

Conservative Not Republican

No one with a shred of objectivity believes that Biden legitimately won the 2020 election.


‘It isn’t important who they vote for. It is important who counts the votes’ — Joseph Stalin.


As evidenced by the last presidential election. And you’ll notice too that the people that wanted to watch the counting were kept out intentionally. When the Democrats cheat they go all out, and the MSM backs them all the way. They should be ashamed of themselves. They are piece by piece destroying this once great Republic.

Gunny Gil

I moved from Georgia to Texas august 2020 and registered to vote in Texas.Just 2 weeks before the election I got a mailin ballot from Georgia, not with my old Georgia address on it but the Texas address. The democrats had taken over the county I was living in in Georgia and I figure they thought I would vote for Joe. Started to play the democrat game and mail it in and vote in Texas too but I’m not made the way democrts are. I shredded ity and probably should have kept it for proof but Election committee would probably have jailed me if they found out I had it


They steal by any means possible to keep EFFING us!


And they do it with glee! It’s disgusting. The thing the Dims can’t see is that they themselves won’t be excluded from the misery the Socialist Democrats will bring upon them too, along with everyone else. The ruling party does NOT care about them either, they just want their vote.

Stephen Russell



Congress and the Feral Courts, complicit in the 2020 Marxist coup, REFUSED TO EVEN ACCEPT THE SWORN EVIDENCE TO REVIEW IT!



This report is based on polling voters. It does not involve party workers at the polls and in the wild who handled ballots.


So what you’re saying is that the fraud from poll workers was not included. I get it now.