Nancy Pelosi Tries Purging Evil from Home Through Exorcism!

You’re not going to believe this. Honestly, I don’t think that I could make this up even on my most creative day. There was actually a real exorcism performed at the home of Nancy Pelosi a couple of months ago.

Nancy Pelosi and her daughter, Alexandra, reported to Maureen Dowd of the New York Times that Pelosi had summoned Catholic priests to perform an exorcism of her San Francisco townhouse to rid it of evil spirits. The reason for the alleged summoning was due to a hammer-wielding assailant that attacked her husband Paul in October, which Pelosi felt guilty about and left her deeply affected. Alexandra stated that Nancy had priests trying to perform an exorcism of the house over Thanksgiving and felt this was necessary in order for Paul to return back to full health.

The pastor of Pelosi’s parish, Fr. Arturo Albano, denied any knowledge of performing such a rite at their residence. This came right around the same time when San Francisco Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone barred Nancy from receiving Holy Communion due to her “extreme” pro-abortion views. Even after numerous attempts at helping Nancy understand the danger she was risking with her support for abortion rights and the grave evil she was perpetrating, Cordileone determined it best to publicly declare she would not be admitted until she confessed her sin and received absolution for it in Penance.

Despite describing herself as a “devout” Catholic, Pelosi has been unapologetically open about advocating for abortion rights against Church teachings which label it as a serious moral evil with its severest penalty being automatic excommunication for those who participate in it. The Church reaffirms its stance on this issue since its foundation centuries ago through the Catechism of the Catholic Church which states: “Since the first century the Church has affirmed the moral evil of every procured abortion.” Bill Donohue from the Catholic League noted that although Nancy wears Catholicism on her sleeve in public, she is essentially disregarding all rules set by them which is an extremely conflicting position.

Overall, regardless of whether or not Nancy actually had an exorcism performed at her home or not is unknown but what is certain is that there is a clear divide between her public persona towards Catholicism and how she chooses to live out those beliefs in private. It will be interesting to see if Pelosi ever decides to change course or if this divide between church teachings and actions remains indefinitely.

I’ve actually been reading a book from an exorcist who has written on some of the events and people he has encountered over the years, and I think that it would be easy enough to find someone else to conduct an exorcism, even if her own priest didn’t know about it.

Photo Credit: Rumble/Radio Baloney
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Pelosi just called on a bunch of her fellow witches and had a do it yourself exorcism.

Stephen Toth

If you want to reply to me don’t be so freeking lazy and use your own words . I don’t connect to links to see what you trolls want to say but are to lazy ore stupid to put in your own words.


WHAT A WASTE OF TIME !!! Satan won’t cast out satan. (just say’n)

Coolmeadow Kid

Why try to cast out evil when she owns the property and will just be back in there 5 seconds after the exorcism is finished?

Stephen Toth
Stephen Toth

If true it obviously didn’t work because she’s still there.

Ruby Corbin Courey

I wondered for a while if Nancy was crazy…. now I know she’s lost her mind.

Stephen Toth

Making fun of one’s religious beliefs, well . . . .


They should have driven a silver stake through her heart, and then burn her on a cross to completely remove all the demons.

Stephen Toth

An evil is in her DNA, this is how her home got contaminated.

Stephen Toth

Speaking of DNA, you realize that your mommy is also your auntie. . . . .


Since piglosi is the devil’s acolyte ,THIS IS A JOKE!

Stephen Toth

It’s obvious that you are the spawn of two swine who conceived you while wallowing in excrement.

comment image


Nancy and Paul ARE the evil living in their home.

Old wolf

Only one question… did she leave ???


You had better do it on Nancy’s head. She is completely gone.

K. Christy

Has she moved yet?? Evil begets evil!!!


The sinner wants help from the Catholic Church now. I hope they turned her down.


It didn’t work. She’s still there.


She and her family are the evil. There’s no cleansing that!!!!


The Only way you are gonna get Evil out PIGGLOSI home is by doing a Exorcism on Both Nancy and Paul PIGGLOSI. They are the Ones that are EVIL to the Core.


The only way she can purge evil from her house is to have an exorcism performed on herself, the Demon Witch.


The only EVIL SPIRIT in that home is Nutsy herself. Well maybe it is the entire Family given what has been said of the attack and what went down the night Paul was attacked.