Nancy Pelosi Caught Interfering in FBI Probe to Protect Fellow Democrat

According to new information provided by Jerry Dunleavy, a former Justice reporter at the Washington Examiner and author of Kabul: The Untold Story of Biden’s Fiasco, Democratic leaders Nancy Pelosi and Dianne Feinstein worked together to protect Representative Eric Swalwell from an FBI investigation regarding his alleged ties to a Chinese intelligence-linked woman named “Fang Fang.” The report suggests that the Justice department may have politicized an investigation into an elected Democratic official, which is a cause for concern.

The report claims that Pelosi met with the FBI in 2019 and told them to “drop” the investigation into Swalwell. The report goes on to say that the FBI did indeed drop the investigation, and that Swalwell has never been charged with any crime. However, the report alleges that Pelosi’s intervention was an attempt to protect Swalwell from political damage.

Swalwell has denied the allegations of sexual misconduct, and he has not been charged with any crime. The FBI has also declined to comment on the allegations.

The report raises a number of important questions, including whether Pelosi intervened to protect Swalwell from political damage, and whether the FBI dropped the investigation because of Pelosi’s intervention. These questions are likely to remain unanswered, unless Swalwell or the FBI chooses to release more information. The allegations against Pelosi are serious, and they raise a number of important questions.

The US Justice Department’s politicized investigations under the Biden presidency have come into sharp focus. Recent reports indicate that former President Donald Trump is the subject of multiple targeted investigations, with one conducted by partisan district attorney, Alvin Bragg, looking into his 2020 election challenge, and another being a criminal probe in connection with the Capitol riots.

At the same time, the Justice Department is pursuing a lenient plea deal for Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden in relation to bribery charges, while investigators have been accused of stalling evidence gathering efforts. The double standard between the way the FBI treated Hunter and Donald Trump is especially striking; Trump was raided for supposedly having classified documents, yet Joe Biden was given leniency over similar evidence. To add fuel to fire, there is growing evidence suggesting investigators wished to execute a raid on Joe Biden concerning allegations of bribery but were blocked by Democrat-linked attorney Lesley Wolf.

It appears that under current Democratic rule in America what we now have is not just a two-tiered justice system but an outright lack of justice altogether.

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Just add this to the ever growing list of reasons Pelosi needs to indicted and especially for her part in the 1/6 event.


Try and then fry the ice queen witch.


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or throw a bucket of water on her, she will melt (wicked witch of the north-east)


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All the old politicians need to be removed from congress, they are corrupt to the core and are basically useless. Some cannot even make a sound decision due to their mental deficits. And Pelosi? No one is as corrupt as she, an honest person does not protect someone of a crime simply because they are a Democrat.


Pelosi is nothing but a political HOA


Pelosi is nothing but a POS.


They need to be rounded up doused with gasoline and lit up. ASAP

Stephen Russell

Prosecute her just plain Congressperson now


Filthy communist trash!

Rebecca Holstine

We know how corrupt they all are. Even the people that vote for them have an idea. But are too stupid to change their politics, because they have nothing else worth while in their life than trying to feel important in their own mind, to help the Democrats to keep power. And besides that, they might get some more free stuff. They have nothing, so have nothing to lose by living under this type of corrupt government.


IT is up to the sane (RED states) in Amerika to separate from this evil empire


Pelosi is a traitor!


Nancy and feinstein need to be removed from office and prosecuted. Chris Ray should also be removed from office; they have no business interfering with a FBI investigation.


Congress can request the info.


Justice is not coming any time soon. Keep the evidence. They will answer for all the wrong doing when they were in power.

Bob Marks

No new laws, until Congress can enforce the current laws. ENFORCE THE LAW!!! This whole administration lies so much. Wray in front of Congress was a joke. Democrats have to read what they are told to say.. Why can’t Democrat Congress say what they believe and not what they are told to say. Have to read and rehearse everything that is said.


Wasn’t it pig lousy who stood up and said, No one is above the law?”


Like all Demwits Piglosi will go scot-free.


She’ll also be re-elected by Fruit’n’nutofornia.


the FIBbers see demon-rats commit crimes and do nothing. They go to create or look for crimes that republicans have not committed yet?

Wyatt Earp

If FBI is going to let these politicians tell them how to do their job. Then the FBI NEED TO BE DEFUND! That not why the were formed from the beginning. Pelosi has no business telling anyone how to do their job. Even if she is 3rd in line! She doesn’t have that power to rule as long as the president and vice is still living! FBI LEADERS should know that! Eric Swalwel has violation laws left and rights. He should had been removed from office when he violation the campaign fund money for personal use!


Suggestion: Impeach Swallwell, then impeach Pelosi,


Pelosi don’t have to cover for her fellow democrats. The AG and FBI are doing it all the time.


We know the Old Crone was involved with the Jan.6th event, and now we have the Swallowswell FBI involvement!!! Just how many other events or crimes is this Hag involved with?!?!
Just is only for those who can control it!


people keep voting for this! So now what?


After the 2020 election, maybe it doesn’t matter who votes or who and what you vote for anymore. It appears the “the fix is in.”


Stalin said..The people who cast the votes don’t decide the election, the people who count the votes do…


Imagine my surprise…



So, in other words, OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE. Will she be arrested? How about some trial dates? Removed from Congress?


And the Poster Girl is running got re-election!


Her protection of Fang Fang leads me to believe she has a personal computer set up to communicate with China like Hilary had.


“…under current Democratic rule in America what we now have is … an outright lack of justice altogether.”

There hasn’t been a justice system in America, even at the local levels, for several decades. We have a court system and we have a legal system, but there is NO justice system. This is all due to the demon-communist-cRATS.