Much-Hated RINO Planning a 2024 Election Run Against Trump

I think many of us are chomping at the bit to see who is going to run for President in the upcoming 2024 election. We know that President Trump is running and the RINOs hate that. In fact, Mitt Romney, the current U.S. Senator from Utah, recently made a rather confident assertion in an interview with Politico: “I’m convinced that if I run, I win.” To many, such a statement may seem quite arrogant. However, upon further examination of both his 2018 election results and his support from members of the Republican Party leadership, it is not unreasonable for Senator Romney to be so sure about his prospects for re-election in 2024.

Senator Romney’s bid for re-election in 2024 will be no ordinary race due to a number of factors; namely, his past criticism of and occasional votes against President Trump. Despite this unusual situation however, he has managed to maintain the full support of Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell. In fact, McConnell went as far as to say “It’s important for the Republican Party and the country that he runs again.” Such unwavering support demonstrates how highly respected Senator Romney is among members of the GOP leadership.

In addition to having the backing of top Republicans in Washington D.C., Senator Romney also coasted through his 2018 election bid with ease. He first defeated state Representative Mike Kennedy by a margin of more than 50 points in the Utah Republican senate primary before going on to beat Democrat Jenny Wilson by nearly 33 points during the general election that same year; a result which was indicative of how popular Senator Romney had become within just two years time since taking office in 2017.

Furthermore, going into such an unusual reelection bid does present certain challenges for Senator Romney, namely that certain Republicans may take offense at some of the criticisms he has leveled at former President Trump throughout his first term as senator or even disagree with his vote to impeach President Trump twice. Once as a solo Republican senator and then again alongside six other GOP senators during the second sham impeachment trial.

Like it or not, Mitt Romney may very well have good reason to be confident that he would be victorious come 2024 given both his own “successes” up until now and strong support among those who hold key positions within today’s Republican Party.

Let me point out if it wasn’t clear in the article, I do not support RINOs and that includes Mitt Romney.

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Romney is RINO trash acting the same……and I live here.


For some reason, Romney makes me think of Meuselini .


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Get your fricken SPAM off of this page.


Mussolini, as in Benito Mussolini. Just as arrogant.

The Iceman

Romney along with China Mitch both need to go. Mitch deliberately endorses RINO’s over Conservatives, such a POS.

Gerald Ladd

the state he’s from doesn’t like him, but they are stuck till his term runs out. He won’t get voted in twice.

Major Bud

If he runs, it’ll be the Demoncrats that elect him


 “I’m convinced that if I run, I win.” 

He’s also convinced that Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, and the Tooth Fairy exist.

Dee Deejay

He ran before and got nowhere.


He has all of the charisma and gravitas of a moldy was rag,


milquetoast “mittens” romney is another CONTROLLABLE “puppet”, bought, owned and controlled, by the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ of the “deep state wealthy elite CABAL”, and their COMMUNIST ‘handlers”(just like dementia-joe and the “ho” “heels-up-harris)


haha – thanks for the laugh


The best humor always has an element of truth.


You stole my line! Thanks for sharing a fact.


You mean “Spread eagle” Harris?


Harris must be Native American relative to fake Pocahauntus Warren.

Harris seems to have many names:
Ho Heels
Spread Eagle
Dirty Knees
Cackling Squaw
Nonsense Talker


Real republicans will never vote for Romney mostly because he is supported by and good pals with Mitch McConnell.

Thomas Stangel

So true. birds of a feather etc.


now that is HYSTERICAL – will he run as a Democrat ?

John W.

As long as the RNC continues to allow the Romneys and McConnells to fly the GOP flag, support for the party will continue to decline.

When you contribute to the RNC, you are, in effect, handing your money to Mitch McConnell to give to candidates of HIS choice. NOT YOURS.


Agree, so I never give to the RSen cte , nor the RNC. Sorry , Rick Scott , as you are a good guy.


Especially since Ronna wants to be head of the RNC. I already don’t trust what Mitt and Ronna talk about at the Holiday dinner table. I don’t want her OR him!


To clarify your comment for other readers, Ronna is Mutt’s niece, which is why they would have a holiday dinner together.
And yes, Utah democrats absolutely love him!!

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True, that’s why what $$ I have to give, I never give to the party, but to individual candidates.


I’ve replied the same several times to RNC requests. I add not a dime until you dump Squish McConnel.

Dee Deejay

don’t forget l Graham in that list.


Since RNC Chair McDaniels is his niece, the RNC will throw everything behind him.


Will not vote for him!


Let him waste his own and his misguided donors’ money. It’s a shame, though, that wasted money might have done some good in the world if spent elsewhere.


He is a crook and traitor to his party


Romney had his chance and blew it. With his current record, he will be lucky if the people of Utah reelect him for the Senate. I suspect many of them have come to realize the mistake they made.


Look at the bright side, if he runs for president he can’t also run for senator.


Romney can’t win with legitimate votes! We remember how he laid down during the debate with Barack Obama. In order to make
Obama look better, Romney went silent and let Obama “win” the debate, as he was the Globalists’ “selected” candidate.


The ONLY way that RINO Romney could win is if McConnell pulls his same trick with GOP Money that he did this past election, take money from the Candidate he doesn’t like & give it to the one he wants to win !!! McConnell NEEDS TO BE OUSTED !!!!


I’ve been saying that for over a decade. Time to squash Squish McConnel. The man even looks like a squish.

Lawrence M

And hung for Treason!


McConnell is a communist just like Communist Chinese wife. They are sick perverts who were planted in the GOP years ago my Red China to ruin America from within


Is he planning on running on the democrat ticket, because no republican would be dumb enough to vote for him.


Mutt won’t have to run as a democrat to win. He would have about 30% of republican and 200% of democrat votes (Dems will find a way to vote twice!).

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I Hope he is kidding!!!!
He is a big RINO!


Romney is an arrogant Democrat. He only exists in his position because “MORMONS VOTE FOR MORMANS”. He’d have zero chance of being in his position if he was anywhere else but Utah. The citizens of Utah are WAY TOO STUPID and ARE BEING USED BY ROMNEY.
Romney would NEVER WIN THE PRESIDENCY NO MATTER HOW MUCH MONEY ANYONE WOULD INVEST – 50 cents is way too much money to invest in a piece of crap, self serving weakling traitor like Romney. Besides, consider how his son is involved with Hunter Biden and THE BIDEN CRIME FAMILY.

Dee Deejay

I agree but Just like last election it was decided who would win long before the election. It happens every election believe it or not. Just like no matter how Americans feel about a bill or law. They vote the way they want it to be.

Charles Covington Sr

HE IS DELUSIONAL , didn’t the rep party sanctioned him

Uncle Art

Isn’t there any Oath keepers that could take care of these Treasonous Traitors ??
As I see it we may not have the best government in the world. But I’m sure we have the best that Money has bought off/paidoff/ bribed by globalist and other countries !!
Just my thoughts and opinion on the subject

Major Bud

He is a joke,albeit a very sick one. The people in his own “adopted state” don’t even want him.


Romney get on your knees there’s no way you could ever get elected
To anything other best bull s_ _t committee for Democrats
You need to get out of politics your just a lying Democrat
America is sick of your crap just resign before you make a fool of your self

Sue s

I would never vote for him!

John Wood

As concerning Snit Romney, I vote NO.

Stephen Russell

Romney run & win??? NO

Dee Deejay

He lost the last time he ran for president. Why does he think he will win this time?

Tex in London

Romney is a joke and a jerk.


Of course all the RINO’s support him.


LOL! He is confident? If he were running for dog catcher he couldn’t win!

daniel miller

Mitt the RINO twit. Not even Utah voted for him.


if this shill wins I’d be happy for the Lord to take me home


That just goes to show how disconnected leadership can be with the American people that they represent.
Romney is despised by most conservative, patriotic Americans and yet is endorsed by top Republicans.


Burgess Owens would be the perfect candidate for the senate to replace Romney.

Thomas Stangel

Or McConnell

Skip Malley

Burgess Merideth would be better. (Penguin on the old Batman series)

Thomas Stangel

Romney is a sick POS and needs to retire and stay in Utah where there are others who like him.


Why is the article saying “re-election’? He never won. He lost to Obama in 2012


 he would be victorious come 2024 given both his own “successes” up until now and strong support among those who hold key positions within today’s Republican Party.”
But not with John Q. Public. No way.


Romney has delusions of adequacy!


Don’t think those in Utah are crazy about Romney. Hopefully he loses in the primary.

Plain Jane

Oh, Just NO NO NO NO NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


What a joke! Who will be his running mate Liz Cheney?



Gerald Ladd

LOL…he stands a better chance at having a baby.


With his perverted religion he probably thinks he could as he pulls up his Holey Underwear and prays to Mollak who is really Satan.

Gerald Ladd

He stands a better chance of having a baby!!

Last edited 7 months ago by Gerald Ladd

Dream on, Mitty Mouse.


The only way Romney wins is if the democrats teach him how to cheat in the primaries


the wrist…..a razor……you know what to do…….shave…..close as you can go… it….cleanse yourself… smooth