Media BETRAYS Biden…White House FUMING

Surprisingly enough, the mainstream media appears to have finally turned on Joe Biden. The media has been seen as the Biden administration’s most reliable ally, but recent reports suggest a shift in the tide.

New York Times reporter Zolan Kanno-Youngs, during a panel discussion at the 2023 Texas Tribune Festival in Austin, accused the Biden administration of only engaging in “friendly” interviews. The reporter asserted that the administration seemed to be avoiding tough questions and accountability, choosing instead to use friendly talk show hosts and social media to disseminate their agenda.

The White House’s preferred strategy seems to be about controlling the narrative and galvanizing voters, but this raises questions about transparency and accountability. Kanno-Youngs warned that such a strategy could lead to a vacuum of information, which would inevitably be filled with assumptions and speculation.

The recent interview with Kal Penn was a prime example of this questionable strategy. The interview, which many critics described as a farcical display, failed to ask any hard-hitting questions. There was no mention of Hunter Biden, nor any attempt to fact-check Biden’s statements. It was a clear departure from the rigorous journalistic standards that the public expects and deserves.

This lack of scrutiny and unwillingness to hold Biden accountable is alarming. The media’s role is not just to report the news, but also to question those in power. By failing to do so, they are not only betraying their professional ethics but also the American public who rely on them for accurate information.

But it seems the media is finally waking up to this responsibility. The criticism from Kanno-Youngs signifies a potential shift in the media’s stance towards the Biden administration.

This could spell trouble for the Biden administration, which has relied heavily on the media’s support. As the media begins to question its approach, the administration might find itself under increased scrutiny and pressure.

The White House may be fuming at this perceived betrayal, but it is a necessary step towards holding our leaders accountable. The media must continue to ask tough questions and demand answers. Only then can we ensure transparency and integrity in our political system.

Indeed, the truth can hurt. But it’s also the cornerstone of a healthy democracy. It’s time for the Biden administration to face the music and start answering some tough questions.