McCarthy Warns of Enemy Alliance Forming Against the US

Kevin McCarthy expressed his deep concern about the emerging alliance between some of America’s traditional enemies during an interview on Sunday Morning Futures with Maria Bartiromo. He warned that it was reminiscent of 1936, when a powerful axis of Russia, China, North Korea, and Iran formed against the freedom and values espoused by the United States.

McCarthy noted that this could be attributed to weak leadership under Joe Biden. He noted that Chinese President Xi Jinping had only left his country once in the entire pandemic period, to meet with these nations. Moreover, he pointed out how Germany’s chancellor was recently looking to China for economic support instead of allying itself with the U.S., while Saudi Arabia has been attempting to build stronger ties with Beijing as well.

McCarthy also highlighted how these events indicated a lack of strength in American leadership across multiple areas such as economics and energy policy. He called for greater attention towards the matter and urged more decisive action from the Biden regime to counter this strategic alliance before it causes any greater damage.

“Speaker, how worried are you that China becomes the power broker, bringing Saudi Arabia together with Iran? What is the significance of that?” Bartiromo asked.

“The time for worrying has passed,” McCarthy began. “It is on the stage right now. We’ve watched China enter the Middle East, where they are now brokering a deal with Iran, putting them back on the world stage. And Maria, I’m very concerned that it looks a lot like 1936 all over again,” he emphasized. “An axis of power of Russia, China, North Korea and Iran bounding together against the freedom and values of what America represents”

“Remember, President Xi has only left his country one time during the pandemic and that was for them all to meet. The last time we had a Democrat administration they allowed Russia back into the Middle East. Now they’re bringing China in as a leader. And we’re watching our allies after what happened in Afghanistan, that the Chancellor of Germany moves to, goes to China to talk to them. We’ve watched Saudi Arabia try to build a better relationship with China. That’s because the lack of strength of our leadership in America, and that becomes from an economic and also from our energy policy and others,” the Speaker added.

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K. Christy

It’s about time we stop helping other countries & take care of our own! We have the resources & technology to do so. WE THE PEOPLE are sick & tired of carrying other countries & having ours left behind!!! STOP THE CASH FLOW!!!!

We See You

Seeeee, “The Big Guy” is bringing people together!


Bring it on!


Amerika has had a yankee problem for more than 160 years. Know your history, NOT the socialist (false) version


Kevin McCarthy expressed his deep concern about the emerging alliance between some of America’s traditional enemies”

WOW! Just how far behind the headlines is our vaunted (NOT) government? Last I checked, China is ALREADY joined at the hip with Russia. Our former Flag Officers (Generals) have already proffered that, at our military’s current “War Fighting” capability, in a conventional ground war with China America would LOSE! With Russia in China’s alliance, how exactly does America fight a TWO front war? Those currently WOKE Generals heading up our military should be REPLACED immediately with anyone still knowledgeable about how to TRAIN for WAR FIGHTING!

I mean, still looking at nearly two more years of this INCOMPETENCE masquerading as America’s leadership, I’m old, the young need to realize just how FEARFUL they need be. The elites (monied elites) are refreshing, or building new, FALLOUT shelters, do they have some clue that “We The Serfs” do not?


when the SHTF, the stupid & weak will die


Biden does not even begin to have the wherewithal to resist anyone! Weak minded fool that he is.

Just like bullies, take head of the first off with command and control, instantaneous and decisive. No reprieve.

Guess who is the easiest and needs immediate attention.