MASSIVE Update for Couple Who Defended Property from BLM During Summer of Love

The saga of Mark and Patricia McCloskey just took another dramatic turn. Remember this couple? They became household names after brandishing firearms at Black Lives Matter (BLM) protesters back in 2020. Well, guess what? Their misdemeanor convictions have just been wiped clean, and they’re demanding their guns back.

In an unexpected twist, Judge Joseph P. Whyte granted the McCloskeys’ request for expungement. The couple had filed to have their convictions erased, arguing they were merely defending their property against trespassing protesters. “It’s time for the city to cough up my guns,” Mark McCloskey told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, vowing to sue if his weapons aren’t returned pronto.

So, how did we get here? Let’s rewind a bit. In June 2020, amid nationwide protests following George Floyd’s death, the McCloskeys faced off with BLM marchers passing through their upscale neighborhood. Claiming they felt threatened, Mark wielded an AR-15-style rifle while Patricia brandished a semiautomatic pistol. The images of the confrontation went viral, stirring up a media storm and public debate.

Initially, the couple pleaded guilty to misdemeanor assault charges, resulting in fines and the surrender of their firearms. But the political drama didn’t end there. Missouri Governor Mike Parson pardoned them a few weeks later, igniting further controversy. Now, with their records expunged, the McCloskeys are effectively getting a legal clean slate.

This is a clear-cut victory for Second Amendment rights and self-defense. “Rehabilitated individuals deserve a second chance,” argued Judge Whyte in his ruling. For critics, it’s a troubling precedent that might embolden similar actions in the future, casting a chilling shadow over peaceful protests.

And just when you think the story couldn’t get juicier, there’s talk of Mark McCloskey eyeing a Senate run. Could this legal win boost his political aspirations? It certainly gives him more ammunition—pun intended—to rally his base.

The McCloskeys’ case underscores the volatile mix of gun rights, self-defense, and racial justice debates roiling America. Were they protecting their home from a perceived threat, or did they escalate a situation unnecessarily? Will the city comply with Mark’s demand for the return of his firearms, or are we gearing up for another legal showdown?

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the Rebel

So when will the Communists have the summer of LOVE trial for all the BLM criminals????




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Last edited 9 days ago by Julia
Bob L



The Founders wrote that the right to bear arms “shall not be infringed.” The strongest phrase in the English language. The can be no alteration! NONE! Arms meant any arms to defense oneself, one’s family, one’s property. Arms include pitch forks such as the Green Mountain Boys, rifles, cannons, spears, bows and arrows, sabers, swords, knives, muskets, rifles, polearms, knives, tomahawks, batons, maces, clubs, and others.


I believe that in the federalist papers that Alex Hamilton wrote that the citizens should have arms that were equal to the best that the military had or better. but somehow that seems to be forgotten or maybe just pushed aside to please a bunch of limp wrested wimps.


Also, Justice Joseph Story, appointed by Pres. Madison, wrote that the Second Amendment was the palladium of rights in order to defend the rest of the Bill of Rights.


hope they get their guns back


He’s lucky as he is also a lawyer and that is what it takes to get one back, I had one stolen and when it was recovered it took over a year and three demand letters for the police to find it in the evidence locker, a room that measured about 12 by 12 square,


They should get their guns back and those who charged them should be locked up.