ICYMI: Man Confronts Transgender Person Who Goes Into Women’s Bathroom (VIDEO)

In a stunning display of the reality that we are living in, a shocking video has emerged, showcasing a confrontation between a man and a so-called transgender individual in a women’s bathroom. This incident is yet another alarming example of how the radical left’s gender ideology is wreaking havoc on our society.

The video reveals a man, rightfully concerned for the safety and privacy of women, challenging the presence of a person who, despite their physical appearance, claims to be intersex and therefore eligible to use the women’s facility. The man, standing up for common sense and decency, argues that such a person should use the men’s bathroom.

It’s clear that the trans person is attempting to assert their deluded belief onto the man, stating, “I was born intersex. You don’t know what that is. I was born with both.” This highlights the complexity of the gender identity crisis that the liberal agenda has thrust upon us.

The man, however, isn’t swayed by these claims. He rightfully accuses the transgender person of not acting like a man of God and labels them a pervert. It’s a harsh but necessary wake-up call in a world where the truth is increasingly being silenced.

As the debate rages on, the man warns of the dangers of falling into the sins of the world, reminding us all that God will take care of us in the end. This is an important reminder that we should stand firm in our values, even when they are under attack.

What this confrontation underscores is an ongoing controversy surrounding the left’s insistence that transgender individuals should be allowed to use bathrooms that align with their self-proclaimed gender identity. This is a dangerous precedent that threatens the safety and privacy of women everywhere.

“The truth hurts,” says the man, echoing a sentiment many of us feel as we witness the erosion of biological reality in favor of gender fantasies. It’s time for us to stop pandering to delusions and start standing up for the truth.

This isn’t about hate or discrimination. It’s about protecting women and children from potential harm. It’s about preserving the sanctity of private spaces and respecting biological realities. And most importantly, it’s about confronting the radical and destructive ideologies that threaten our society.

This video serves as a stark reminder of the world we’re living in – a world where common sense is being replaced by delusion, where truth is being suppressed, and where those who dare to stand up for what’s right are vilified. But rest assured, we will continue to fight for truth, decency, and common sense. The battle rages on.

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Purple Sky

Must keep people fighting amongst themselves. One of the factual steps to Communism! Not to mention pandering for votes from mental deficients and degenerates..


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Last edited 9 months ago by Julia

Do you earn this money on your knees or back?

Bonnie Pittman

Thank you for standing up for the right! And for supporting the gospel!


I’m sorry, but the first step of this she-MAN coming toward me aggressively would have been when the camera footage would have caught HIM hitting the floor! I cannot stand these f’n twisted freaks and I have no problem in helping rid ourselves of these sick pos!


Concur. First ask it if his female opening is above, below, or beside his male anatomy. It had better say below. A swift kick between the legs should remind him he is a man.


perverts are one thing, the communist are another

duane harbeson

To bad the pervert didn’t take a swing…then the MAN could have beat the sh** out of him…

Fred Friedman

The Democrats are the party of perverts and vile behavior,


that guy would get a world of hurt if he or any of the other freaks went into a female bathroom when one of my grand daughters was in there.they would not have to worry about what they were then, they would be in a hosital on life support.

Last edited 9 months ago by george

If I had grandaughters I wouls say the same thing. If it was my daughter EMTs would have to go into the bathroom to retrieve it.


That does not even look close to what a woman look like. Sick people. He needs to go to a head doctor bad, not to a woman bathroom.


kick the sob in the balls , then ask him if that hurts. hehehehe


I guess the football team is without its muscle bound linebacker?


a PERVERT walked into the woman’s bathroom. headline fixed


Sic’em sick of them…

Lorraine E Blazich

God creaed us as either man or woman and that cannot be changed.

Uncle Art

Until it’s fully cut off stay out of the woman’s rest rooms . And after it’s fully cut off go before you leave your domicile. IMO anyway