LOCK HER UP! House GOP Discover Emails That Implicate Nancy Pelosi on Jan. 6

Nancy Pelosi surely knows that her goose is cooked! It’s been said all along that Nancy Pelosi knows more and was more involved in what happened at the Capitol back in 2021 than what she leads everyone to believe. Now we’ve got some proof!

House Republicans have compiled a report that claims House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office was directly involved in the creation and editing of the Capitol security plan that failed during the January 6, 2021 riot and that security officials were “denied again and again” the resources needed to protect the Capitol.

The report, compiled by Republican Representatives Rodney Davis, Jim Banks, Troy Nehls, Jim Jordan, and Kelly Armstrong, is the result of months of investigation by the lawmakers, who were authorized by House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy to conduct their own probe.

The report concludes that the Capitol was left vulnerable on January 6 as a result of failures by the Democratic leadership in the House and law enforcement leaders in the Capitol Police, who prioritized the “optics” of having armed officers and National Guardsmen visible to the public over enhanced security.

It also corroborates prior reporting that the Capitol Police began receiving specific warnings in mid-December that there could be significant violence planned against the Capitol and lawmakers by protesters planning to attend the certification of the 2020 election results. The report claims that two key staffers in Pelosi’s office attended regular meetings to discuss the security plan for January 6 dating back to early December 2020, and that Pelosi’s top aide even edited some of the plans. Most of these discussions and meetings excluded Republican lawmakers in the House.

The report also alleges that House Sergeant at Arms Paul Irving, who served on the Capitol Police Board, “succumbed to political pressures from the Office of Speaker Pelosi and House Democrat leadership leading up to January 6, 2021.” It claims that Irving coordinated closely with Pelosi and her staff and excluded Republicans from important discussions related to security.

After the events of January 6, when Pelosi forced Irving to resign, a staffer in the House sergeant at arms office sent an email suggesting that the Democratic leadership had made Irving and Capitol Police Chief Steve Sund the fall guys to cover up the failure of lawmakers to provide adequate security resources.

In addition, the report alleges that the FBI and Department of Homeland Security provided warnings to the Capitol Police about the potential for violence on January 6, but that these warnings were not adequately addressed.

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We’ve known all along that she set up this trash by being the trash she is. Release the prisoners and stick her and the rest of her ilk in their place.

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That’s better than what she deserves, by far!


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Your post deserves a little song, here goes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RiWtLbm1pmw


Why did you play your theme song then???

Richard Logan

She needs to be in prison; her husband too.


She should not only be charged but also lose all pay and Benefits..

Marilyn Sutton

Right on.


Republicans don’t have the cajones to do anything about it. They just apologize for winning and want to get along.

Gerald Ladd

This site still only publishes the comments it likes!

Don N

There will always be those who cannot accept objective truth because it does not agree with their truth.


Dear Admin,
What about blocking all these “work” from home schemes? They have no business in the comments section.

Don N

Do you think liberal news media would publish anything in favor of conservative views? They only publish what they like. Have you ever written a letter to the editor that disagrees with their editorial that they printed? Try it.


Written a few letters here and there…. but of course they probably ended up in some
metal trash can.


EXACTLY – They put up advertisers but I get held every time in a Non Reply Post


Pelosi is part of the dark evil coup trying to destroy our nation.


satanic demon and a disciple of satan

Pete Ashley

Send her home which protects the public with six foot walls.


Would do no good. The California lunatics would just vote and send het back.


let’s hope she’s DONE!! HOW ABOUT THAT??


NO! Not her “comfy home”… she needs to be in solitary where she’s put the J6 men — some of whom are very ill – that’s where she belongs. NOT HOME!!


We knew this just from watching the scenario unfold on Jan 6th. It’s not news. My beef is that there had to be some Republicans in on it because and we want their heads right along with Pelosi’s.

D Hanna

For sure there were rino’s in on it. The same ones who keep voting for their crap. The truth is coming out, and there will be a day of reckoning.


I hope so DC is full of TRAITORS and OUR un-elected Joe is the biggest Traitor in History.


Lock her away so her hubby can have fun with men!


Does this surprise anyone, if it is true? Not me! This woman has evil written all over her! She is “NOT” fit for the office she holds or any other office! Exodus 18:20-22 KJV

Jan Earhart

And they want to name a federal building after her.


If they do they should name it “WITCH HAVEN” and make it the IRS Building which would make her twice as despised, if that’s possible!


The bathrooms are a great start for all the sh**t she approved.


Any porta-potty in any Federal park.


A prison I hope.




She is a reflection of the people she represents in California. I.e. Dumb and dumbest


She is probably responsible for the attack on someone who happens to live behind those six foot walls,




WHY is it that I need approval for comments I make when they are FACT, hence the Scripture (Not of my own writings) and yet, I must be approved? This is NOT freedom of speech; it is censorship and approval of a govt gone array! Accordingly, I should be able to express my opinion(s) and yet like it or not, freedom of speech is and should be paramount! BUT it is NOT!

jay jones

Finally the truth is finding its way out!!! This sounds like the perfect Pelosi play book!!
She is toxic lies, schemes, and is the most underhanded politician ever!!! All her garbage
needs to come out!!! She must be held accountable for her wickedness NOW. Trying
to railroad all these others for her evil deeds!! Pruneface must face the music now.
She has been the conductor all along!!!! Time pay Pelosi, time to pay. You can’t fool
all the people all the time. Eventually it will come out to reveil who and what you
really are and that time is now before others pay for your crimes and lack of doing
your job and blaming others who are not guilty…Hang your head in shame and may
you be remembered for what you really did not do!!! Now you are rightfully out!!
Thank Gog and Greyhound your GONE!!!!

the old marine

This is old news, what we need now is action, shut all this crap down leave Trump alone. Lets prosecute the ones who deserve it and owes the American people for all time and money wasted.

Don N

Unless we’re lawyers, we cannot prosecute anyone.




A C T I O N !!!!! N O W !


Have been saying this since 1/8.


I started on Jan 6.

Fred Doe

The typical Democrat politician, and rino, don’t deserve anything more or anything less than a short rope and a very long first step.

Proud Patriot

It has been reported that a demonic portal open up above the White House. Hard to see during the day but you can see it at night swirling around. And then it has been reported that Fraud Biden placed a Satanic idol called a baphomet in the White House! Democrats worship Satan and their actions are satanic!!



Stephen Russell

Prosecute ALL for J6

Tim Kuehl

Given what a snake she is I would not be surprised if Pelosi gave the order to the Capital Police to open the barriers and basically escort protesters into the Capital Building. Like many others I believe the whole so called attack on the Capital was planned by Pelosi and carried out by FBI Director Wray who, it is believed with video evidence, had infiltrators in the crowd. Many suspect Ray Epps was one of them as he is on video encouraging protesters to enter the Capital but was never arrested and all but ignored by the FBI and the Jan 6 Committee. And isn’t it interesting no ANTIFA were imprisoned despite being identified on video.


We knew Nasty Nancy was responsible for the Jan 6th demonstration, she did not send support and people like Rat Epps were instigating the push to enter the capital building. The capital police and FBI are responsible as well as Pelosi. Prosecute these people.


HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Reynolds Corporation thanks you for your support, Qucumber Nashun.

J. R. Justice

Liberal Hypocrites !!!

Susan Ifland

So tell us what we have known all along! Piglosi wanted this to happen!


It was obviously set up as a trap to demonize conservative protestors, but tragically it ended up with one of those protesters being shot to death. Will Ms. Pelosi’s apparent involvement mean she is guilty of conspiring to murder?


Yes, LOCK this witch up! Shes EVIL pure EVIL! Deserves to not liv in AMERICA, but in AFGHANISTAN under TALIBAN rule.!




What happened on Jan 6 only benefited the Democrats and associated RINOs and Deep State Sleeper Agents.
When was the last time that violence came from the Republicans. My memory goes back to the 1950s and I do not recall even one incident.
Could the Democrats take the chance that this once in a lifetime Republican violence would happen on Jan 6, 2021? I think NOT.

  • Has anyone seen the recordings made by Pelosi’s daughter?
  • Why was she there then? There govt photographers and security cameras.

I have been on the 1887 Electoral Count act since Jan 6, Congress had the obligation to NOT certify a fraudulent election, the same as the Election of 1876 when 8 sets of electors for 4 States. It brought everything to a complete halt until a compromise was worked out.
As I understand the 1887 ECA, 1 senator and 1 representative could have brought the certification to a complete halt.
Would the compromise be a examination of the voting machines and signature verification?
Democrats, the Capitol Police, and how many Special Agents, Operatives and Informants of the Federal law enforcement were in the crowd?


The false GOP claim that Pelosi turned down National Guard before Jan. 6 attackhttps://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/2021/07/28/false-gop-claim-that-pelosi-turned-down-national-guard-before-jan-6-attack/

Robert Higginbotham

That Pelosi was behind reducing the number of capital police and not allow any national guard at the capital is only part of the story. There is substantial evidence she had undercover FBI involved in agitating the peaceful demonstrators and possibly hiring Mercs to cause at least some of the violence. According to some sources she was involved for months before the event planning how to disrupt the gathering!!

Pete Ashley

Nasty Nancy should be sent packing to her home that is behind six foot walls Then locked in.



Stephen Russell

Get any & ALL involved for J6 Big time


The 141-page document — titled “Report of Investigation: Security Failures at the United States Capitol on January 6, 2021” — was released Wednesday December 21, 2022.



I am sick and tired of WAITING for Moderation – I didnt say anything that should be rejected by your moderator.

Bob Marks

When will the Democrats be held accountable with the real legal system??? Biden receives bribe money, Pelosi lies……..how much more does the lawful Americans have to put up with???


She needs to be in the same “jail” as those arrested and held in the DC underground area and many that still haven’t had a trial. I believe she is responsible for all of it!

Stephen Russell

Prosecute her, use evidence for court OK


The agenda & plan of the demonrats is to LIE! That’s their evil plan – always has been and always will be – DO NOT TRUST THESE EVIL FREAKS in A N Y T H I N G they say or do!


Pelosi and her wayward band of treasonous criminals should be tossed out of Congress. The DNC should pay for the expenses of Jan 6 issues since they caused them.


Ok now what?

Sharon Krotts

It’s called a set up!

Ron C

But of course, and everyone in Washington DC knows there will be no accountability for her deceitful and disgusting behavior! Nasty Nancy is above the laws with the courts blessings!

Marilyn Sutton

Lock her up now.


Members of her staff have leaked that the Capitol police numbers were ‘secretly’ lowered over a couple of days so the building would be a lot less secure.

Mountain man

All the Jan 6 thing is about is putting a big scare in America..to not dare question the government or you could disappear what the deep stink does best ..also that paying the student debt is nothing but pure communism where the workers pay all of any dead beat’s bills

Gerald Ladd

The gutless republicans won’t do a thing.

William G Munson

It is time for all the TRUTH to be Known too and they are Corrupt Democrats doing illigal Stuff too


Lock that loon up. We have known for along time Piglosi was involved with the Jan. 6 follies. Her and her cohorts should be locked up instead of our fellow Americans. When all these UNLAWFULLY imprisoned Americans should sue every demrat and the dnc for every dime they have for their complicit involvement in this charade


It sure would be nice to see her go to prison but we all know this will never happen. It will never happen to anyone who violates their oath or breaks the law in a corrupt government. All this talk about what crimes they committed means absolutely nothing if the laws are never enforced on these criminals. So, everyday we here the talking heads in the media tell us who did what but you’ll never hear them say that they were sent to prison. A corrupt government will always let their buddies off the hook for the crimes they do.

Last edited 7 months ago by Orrie
Tim Shepperson

This will all be covered up by comrade Garland and his merry band of FBI Bidenistas.

Doc Roberts

Why won’t they just lock her up? She’s a cancer to the American people.

Gerald Ladd

Nothing will happen to her. She’s above the law.

Tim Kuehl

I’ve believed all along Nancy Pelosi orchestrated the rioting, blocked actual security to prevent it and Christopher Wray carried it out.


Sooner or later the facts regarding Pelosi’s involvement in 1/6, including having her daugher set up in advance to film it, are going to come out.


 failure of lawmakers to provide adequate security resources.”

There was NO “failure”…. Democrats PLANNED it to happen that way.

glenna c cox

lock her up. she is a criminal.