Lies About Deleted Recording Sparked Fani Willis’ Investigation into Trump

In late December 2020, President Donald Trump engaged in a controversial phone call with Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger. The call, which was secretly recorded by Raffensperger’s office, became the center of a heated debate surrounding the 2020 presidential election. However, further investigation has revealed a web of deception and lies surrounding the call, raising serious questions about the integrity of those involved.

The Phone Call and Evidence of Election Irregularities

President Trump’s call to Secretary of State Raffensperger was prompted by concerns over potential election irregularities in the state of Georgia. The President believed there was ample evidence, uncovered by his auditors, that cast doubt on the certification of the election results. A competent auditor or a person of integrity would have recognized the significance of this evidence.

Secret Recording and Fraudulent Transcript

Secretary of State Raffensperger’s office secretly recorded the phone call with President Trump, violating the trust of their conversation. However, their actions did not stop there. To further manipulate the narrative, Raffensperger’s office leaked a fraudulent transcript of the call to The Washington Post. This deceitful act aimed to damage President Trump’s reputation before the impending impeachment trial.

The Anonymous Source and False Quotes

The Washington Post, known for its left-leaning bias, published an anti-Trump hit piece on January 9th, relying on the fraudulent transcript provided by an anonymous source. Later, it was revealed that Jordan Fuchs, an aide to Raffensperger, was the source of the false quotes. This revelation exposed the malicious intent behind the leaking of the fraudulent transcript.

Deletion and Recovery of the Audio Recording

In an attempt to cover their tracks, Raffensperger’s office deleted the audio file of the phone call. However, their efforts to conceal the truth were in vain. The audio file was later discovered in the laptop’s “trash” folder, exposing their deceitful actions. This revelation sheds light on the character and integrity of those involved in the scandal.

Conflict of Interest and Lack of Assistance

Critics argue that Raffensperger’s office, including Jordan Fuchs, did not demonstrate helpfulness during investigations into the 2020 presidential election in Georgia. Fuchs, who ran Raffensperger’s campaign for Secretary of State, is believed to have prioritized personal and political interests over transparency and fairness.

Investigation Based on Lies

District Attorney Fani Willis initiated an investigation into President Trump’s phone call based on the false information provided by Jordan Fuchs and Raffensperger. Despite being aware of the deception, they proceeded to indict President Trump and 18 of his associates. This raises serious concerns about the integrity and impartiality of the investigation.

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Very interesting, very helpful those who seek the truth. But it will likely not matter to the folks in charge. Not likely anyone will be held accountable. After all, it only hurts a republican POTUS candidate, so, who cares.


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Last edited 8 months ago by Julia

She needed to find cover now that the Jim Jordan is investigating her actions. All the attackers need to be held accountable for rushing to judgement on half baked evidence and destroying the reputations of these people falsely charged. She knew if she could make these charges stick these people will suffer jail terms that are unable to be over turned by a pardon, corruption in my opinion. False accusers should suffer the punishment of those they falsely accused.

Rick Love

Gee, the “evidence” is corrupted and fraudulent after all; how shocking! Does anyone seriously believe that these charges are nothing but purely political in nature and designed to smear and inconvenience the front runner of the Republican party’s effort to campaign and reclaim the Presidency. It’s more of the weaponized Biden justice department in action while the crimes of his own administration are ignored.




If you were serious, you would furnish links to both transcripts so the readers could see for themselves what the damages were.


“….secretly recorded the phone call….” AND, where is the ‘prosecution’ for that ILLEGAL action? Why am I advised by businesses, at the beginning of a phone call, that the call will be RECORDED, if that were NOT required?


Willis is doing Biden’s bidding for him currently but she needs to understand that the DOJ will not always be controlled by Biden and/or the democrats. Republicans will have every right to go after her and put her in prison.


Putting her in jail would great for Americans civil liberties that these Soros backed AGs are throwing out the window.


What do we do with this tire-biter Willis? Same thing we do with a rabid dog.

Last edited 8 months ago by Pop