Kellyanne Conway Raises Eyebrows with New Insights on Trump VP

Oh boy, Kellyanne Conway is at it again! Stirring the pot and making waves with her latest piece in The New York Times. And this time, she’s giving us an insider’s look into the Trump ‘Veepstakes’. So grab your popcorn, folks, because this is going to be interesting. In her article, Conway gets down to the nitty-gritty of who should be Trump’s sidekick if he makes a comeback for the White House. But here’s the kicker, she says the most important question isn’t ‘who?’ but rather ‘why?’. Can you believe it? Classic Kellyanne, always keeping us on our toes.

She suggests that the VP selection should prioritize compatibility, loyalty, and the ability to govern effectively over political calculations. In other words, forget about trying to win over specific demographics or states. Conway claims that those traditional strategies might not cut it in today’s polarized political climate. I mean, we’ve all seen how that worked out last time, haven’t we?

According to Conway, “Mr. Trump’s V.P. should help him win and help him govern,”. Here’s my favorite part: she believes Trump needs a deputy who can navigate chaos and challenges at home and abroad. Well, isn’t that what we all want?

“With a crisis on the border, economic dissatisfaction, fears about crime, a parents’ rights renaissance and multiple wars and threats across the globe, his deputy must be able to navigate chaos and challenges at home and abroad.”

“Mr. Trump also needs a No. 2 who can mitigate the damage and turn the tables on one of the few tools left in the Democrats’ arsenal: abortion. Democrats are not winning on the economy, crime, the border or foreign policy, but they have leveraged fear and lies about total opposition to abortion and a national abortion ban — and unforced errors by pro-lifers in state initiatives — to keep the heart of abortion beating strongly.”

Now, here’s where things get juicy. Conway also touched on the tension between Trump and his former Vice President, Mike Pence. She subtly hinted at the importance of ideological and personal harmony between the top two figures on the ticket. I mean, who could forget the drama between those two after the 2020 election?

And for those thinking that a female VP is all about appealing to female voters, Conway has a reality check for you. She argued that political success hinges more on shared values and vision than on gender. Remember, despite the majority of voters being women in 2016, Trump managed to beat Hillary Clinton.

Conway also threw some shade at the strategy of appealing to moderates and independents through a candidate like Nikki Haley. She even suggested considering a person of color for Trump’s running mate, not as a nod to identity politics, but as an acknowledgment of the diverse constituents of the America First movement.

In typical Conway fashion, she ended with a cliffhanger, leaving us all guessing who Trump might pick. She mentioned potential candidates like Marco Rubio, Tim Scott, Byron Donalds, Wesley Hunt, Ben Carson, and Vivek Ramaswamy. But hey, this is Trump we’re talking about. He could surprise us all.

“But this is Donald Trump. He will keep us all guessing. He could pick one of the above or none of the above,” Conway finished. “His short list will be long and dynamic. One thing he doesn’t need to do is rush this decision.

“Yet it does matter in helping to chart the course of history, beginning with his chances in November, then fixing the chaos and crisis left behind by Mr. Biden and Ms. Harris and eventually passing the baton to a future leader of the movement and center-right coalition he founded nine years ago.”

So, there you have it, folks. Conway’s take on the Trump ‘Veepstakes’. Just another day in the world of politics!

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he certainly won’t pick her, bet on it.


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Last edited 27 days ago by Julia

Vivek I reckon


Maybe MTG people.


don;t forget lake,noem or stephanic especially Noem

Mary Gibbons

Maybe Rand Paul? He’s the only one who cares about the spending and national debt. He was also the one who took down Tony Fauci.

Happy Warrior

Are there no women to consider? Not that neo-con Rino from South Carolina but others.


Please DO NOT SELECT ANY WOMAN!!!! That always, always precludes trouble!


Mike Pompeo or Ted Cruz would do a good job as VP. I think Cruz would be a good head of DOJ too.


Byron Donalds is from Florida so he could not be the choice, but he is a terrific man and would be a excellent choice. A dynamic personality, forceful, and has a high level of ethics and ideas in the correct order.

Lorraine E Blazich

pence is a traitor and should never be trusted by anyone.


Byron Donalds or Vivek would be the best choices.