Kari Lake Drops a Bomb on 2024 Election

In a revelatory appearance on “Sunday Morning Futures,” Arizona’s dynamo Senate candidate, Kari Lake, didn’t mince words or waste time before launching into a barrage of unvarnished truth. The topic? How the Democrats are, as we speak, nudging the 2024 election in their favor through some rather shadowy maneuvers.

Lake, who isn’t one to shy away from controversy or confrontation, shed light on the ongoing crisis at the border—a situation she describes as a ticking time bomb for American security. She pointed out the stark contrast between the number of illegal aliens, or “gotaways,” as she termed them, encountered daily on border ranches now versus during Trump’s tenure. Under Trump, these encounters were a rare annual occurrence; under Biden, they’ve become a distressing daily routine.

But Lake didn’t stop there. She pivoted to an even more contentious issue that’s bound to ruffle feathers—vote stealing by Democrats. According to Lake, the Dems are not just dipping their toes but are fully submerged in efforts to rig the 2024 election. And how, you might ask? By enrolling illegals at the border, then passing their registrations to left-leaning groups primed to ensure these votes swing Democrat come election time.

This strategy isn’t just audacious; it’s downright alarming. Lake alleges that these orchestrated efforts are designed not to have these individuals physically show up at polling places. Rather, the objective is to create phantom voters—names on voter rolls ripe for manipulation. These names, as Lake suggests, are the result of registering newcomers for Medicare and Medicaid, followed by a nudge to sign up to vote.

The implication here is grave. This tactic, if unchecked, could profoundly impact the integrity of our electoral process. It touches on issues of national security, citizenship rights, and the very fabric of our democratic system.

In her fiery dialogue with Maria Bartiromo, Lake left no stone unturned, calling out the Democrats’ relentless opposition to any legislation that would prevent this kind of electoral tampering. Her allegations are a clarion call to safeguard our elections and ensure they remain free, fair, and beyond reproach.

It’s not just about partisan politics; it’s about preserving the sanctity of our electoral process. If what Kari Lake says holds water, we’re staring down the barrel of a compromised future where elections are won not by the will of the people but through manipulation and deceit. It’s a scenario we must ardently resist and rectify. As Lake boldly underscores, the fight for electoral integrity is not just important—it’s paramount.

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11 million known illegals in America since Biden took office. These are the KNOWN illegals. The known and the unknown will both be participating in the election in November. My guess is that Biden will have over 90 million voters this time.




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Last edited 6 days ago by Julia

So what

Delphos Speaks

This has been the whole plan by opening the border. If Biden is not impeached on violations to his path of office, he needs to be charged with treason.


blame not the evil one for their actions, rather the cowards that will do NOTHING to stop them.


This isn’t a revelation. It’s common knowledge that Biden will give amnesty to all the illegal aliens and then make them citizens who can then vote and of course they’ll vote Democrat. It will be a stolen election.

al campagnone

If Lake is right Sleep Joe will win big and the country will be doomed!