Hunter Biden ROASTS Jill Biden In Resurfaced Texts

Hold onto your hats, because the Biden family drama just took another jaw-dropping turn. As Hunter Biden finds himself in the courtroom, a series of scathing texts from 2018 have resurfaced, revealing an explosive rift between Hunter and his stepmother, First Lady Jill Biden. These messages, dripping with resentment and vitriol, paint a picture of a family at odds during one of the most tumultuous periods in recent U.S. political history.

The texts, unveiled amid jury selection for Hunter’s felony gun charges trial in Wilmington, Delaware, couldn’t have come at a more precarious time for the Biden clan. In these resurfaced exchanges with Hallie Biden, the widow of Hunter’s late brother Beau, Hunter blasts Jill Biden as a “vindictive moron” and an “entitled c*nt.” Such language isn’t just controversial—it’s incendiary, casting a new light on the alleged familial tensions within one of America’s most scrutinized families.

Let’s rewind to 2018. Hunter was neck-deep in personal challenges, battling substance abuse while navigating intimate family dynamics. His relationship with Jill Biden, often portrayed as the steadying maternal force of the Biden household, was anything but serene. During one heated exchange about his future—where he floated the idea of staying near his uncle in Pennsylvania and potentially teaching—Jill expressed skepticism about his sobriety. Her blunt remark, “Well you’re not going to be doing anything at all for yourself or your family if you just refuse to get sober,” clearly didn’t sit well with Hunter.

This prompted a furious response. Hunter lashed out, questioning Jill’s intellect compared to his own and venting his frustrations to his uncle. “You know what mom, you’re a f*king moron. A vindictive moron,” read one of Hunter’s venomous texts. He didn’t stop there, launching into a tirade about how even at his drunkest, he was smarter than she could ever comprehend. Ouch. As if that wasn’t enough, he denigrated her professional background, calling her a “shut (sic) grammar teacher that wouldn’t survive one class in an ivy graduate program.”

The drama escalated further when Hunter bluntly told Hallie, “F*ck my stepmother for always being as much of a selfish silly entitled ct as you.” It’s the kind of family feud you’d expect from a soap opera, not the inner circle of the American presidency.

Fast forward to today, and Hunter’s legal woes only add fuel to this already blazing inferno. Facing charges for illegally purchasing and possessing a firearm during a time of substance abuse—a serious offense under federal law—Hunter’s trial marks a historic moment. It’s the first time a child of a sitting U.S. President faces the possibility of incarceration. Despite pleading not guilty, Hunter has publicly acknowledged his struggles with alcohol and crack cocaine, giving a raw and unfiltered glimpse into his turbulent life.

As the trial unfolds, all eyes will be on the Biden family. How will they navigate this latest storm? And what impact will these revelations have on the 2024 presidential race? One thing’s for sure—this saga is far from over. Stay tuned, because if these texts are any indication, the Biden family drama has plenty more twists and turns ahead.

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They will not do one thing to this boy! He will walk!!

Wyatt Earp

Walk ? Let them say not guilty! Then the whole prison system should RIOT! There people in there done lot less crime than him! Democrats are running a DICTATORSHIP OVER THE PEOPLE! If you are not part of their ” CORRUPT CLUB” then you are not a SOCIALISM MEMBERS!


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The Rebel

Communist monitors on the site?????


not one can be left alive…. like cancer, IT all must go

The Rebel

Will you just print the truth????


so, her being there is just another :clown show” for the low IQ demon-rats to lie about. Just like Bill Clinton…. he wasn’t doing drugs, AT THE SAME TIME he was filling out the federal gun form…? yankee law will do nothing to him, ever.