Hawley Calls for Clinton Prosecutions After Durham Report

Senator Hawley was interviewed on Jesse Watters’ show on Monday, where he strongly stated the need for consequences in light of the actions revealed in the Durham Report. He called for the prosecution of the Clinton campaign and Hillary Clinton, citing the concerning link between Clinton’s public remarks about collusion and her campaign’s alleged role in providing false information to the FBI.

“People need to be prosecuted for this. The Clinton campaign and Hillary Clinton herself, is it any coincidence that she is tweeting about collusion at exactly the same time her campaign operatives are feeding this BS to the FBI? I don’t think so,” stated Hawley firmly during the interview.

Hawley didn’t just want Clinton to be held responsible, but also expressed worries about the FBI’s condition, urging for a leadership change and a thorough renovation of the organization.

“FBI leadership has clearly got to be changed…I’m of the mind we need to end the FBI as we know it. It needs to be broken up. I mean, clearly it has become corrupt. The leadership is corrupt,” he exclaimed.

The Durham Report, which has been highly anticipated, found that the FBI had no valid reason to start the Trump-Russia Probe. This has led some Americans, especially those who don’t support American exceptionalism, to view it as evidence of deceit towards the public once more. Special Counsel John Durham’s investigation uncovered major flaws in how the Department of Justice and FBI followed the law.

It’s understandable that Hawley is upset with the FBI considering recent events. On Thursday, three ex-FBI officials will testify about being retaliated against for speaking out. They plan to reveal that FBI personnel altered information about domestic violent extremism to fit the Biden administration’s political agenda.

The senator expressed admiration for the hardworking FBI agents in the field, highlighting a clear difference between their commitment to duty and the alleged political bias of the agency’s leadership. “You can talk to FBI agents in the field. I was just doing this just this past week. Great folks in my home state all over the place, but they’re not served by this leadership. This leadership has become totally, radically politicized, and we’ve got to change it,” Hawley asserted.

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Barbara j Yano



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Christian Wolf

Talk, talk, talk…. Always big talk from the republicans. Just no action! These reports, one after the other, prove how corrupt the democRAT party is. But, nothing happens… Why? Because rotten democRAT voters are ok with it. THEY are to blame. democRAT judges and politicians flaunt it. If you have democRAT employes, fire them. If your friends are democRAT, abandon them. Do not do business with woke, liberal companies. Hurt them in the pocket book. Cancel the democRAT party once and for all!

Gerald Ladd

Because we have a two tier justice system. I thought you knew that.

Sharon Krotts

There should be no one above the law in America! You do the crime…you do the time…That includes high ranking officials at the top!

Retired Chief

Including Hunter Biden and probably Joe. Still, innocent until proven guilty has to remain in place.

Stephen Russell

Yes needed

Daniel from TN

It is long overdue for Hillary to be prosecuted. However, it will never happen: for three reasons.

  1. There are too many people willing and eager to fall on a sword for her. Hillary could commit a major crime on live, national television and people all over the country would stand in line waiting to confess to that crime.
  2. She knows too much about too many people. She knows what the skeletons are and where they are hidden; or buried. If Hillary goes down then so do a lot of other people. The powers that be will NEVER allow that to happen.
  3. Neither witnesses, nor investigators, nor prosecutors want to wake up one morning with a big smile on their face; from ear to ear.

It ain’t right or fair; but it’s the way it is.

Ron C

Fact, all third world nations have the same corruption we have and the same double standards of justice!


That’s because DEMONrat and RINO politicians, Big Tech, lame stream media and $oro$ have turned our belloved USA into a third world country that we no longer recognize.


If you think this will ever happen with this administration and the gangster group the dems have become, good luck!!!

Ron C

It will absolutely never happen, the Marxist democrats have been indoctrinating our judges for decades, they are so corrupted the judges even believe in double standards of justice!


yes, look at alvin Dragg and his judge merchan.! just to cite one of the many….


Lock her up.

j. r. jUSTICE

Lock her up !!!!!!!


Hillary is a criminal. She needs to pay for her dirty tricks.


I want prosecutions. I want incarcerations. I want executions.


If no one is prosecuted what is the point of having an Inspector General’s office–much less having them do investigations and issue reports? If there are no consequences then the IG Office is simply window dressing for a corrupt federal government.


Proven guilty many times for many things, Horrible Hillary and Pathetic Pelosi both said that No one is above the law, they both must be held accountable for their crimes, and prison should be their consequences.


Hypocrites and cynics are these 2 witches.


Don’t forget the the data shows that Obama and Biden gave her their blessing to proceed….



Conservative Not Republican

All well and good, but he knows that Garland isn’t going to lift a finger to do anything to the communist liberals….because Garland is one of them.

Last edited 1 year ago by Conservative Not Republican
Mark Matis

Who do they think is going to prosecute? The DoJ?
Get real!


The Clintons should be charged and so should the FBI agents that are working for the Clintons


Interesting that you can’t share this article on Twitter or Facebook. Corrupt?


Let’s NOT forget about Benghazi we need to ADD that one in also!


“Prosecute Clinton?” From a song: “Wouldn’t That Be Lovely?” From an iconic Western star, now long gone: “That’ll Be The Day!” To prosecute ALL those guilty of sedition, or at least complicit in furthering the illegal interference in an American presidential election, would take longer than America has left as the ‘World’s uno numero, #1, Super Power!


Prosecte this witch. Should have been done sooner! Send her to jail..


Senator Hawley had better remove any guns, and sleeping pills, from his office and home. Dont go near any dangerous machinery, and don’t drive alone in your car. And install a 15 camera security system around your house.

Arkancide is a terrible thing.