Gov Katie Hobbs Under Investigation for $400,000 Bribery Scheme

In a bombshell development that’s set the political world ablaze, Arizona Governor Katie Hobbs finds herself at the center of a criminal investigation. The probe, launched by Arizona Attorney General Kris Mayes’ office, focuses on political donations made by a state contractor with close ties to Hobbs. This revelation is already causing ripples across the state, igniting debates and controversy.

The allegations center around Sunshine Residential Homes Inc., a company that works with the Arizona Department of Child Safety (DCS). Over the past year, this home operator has seen a whopping 60 percent increase in the rate it charges per child per day—potentially funneling millions of dollars more into its coffers, all at taxpayer expense. Meanwhile, other providers have been left in the dust with no similar financial boosts.

Here’s where things get particularly juicy: Sunshine Residential Homes’ CEO, Simon Kottoor, was on Hobbs’ inaugural committee, and Hobbs herself has publicly praised the company during her campaign for governor. Even more eyebrow-raising, as DCS was reworking its contracts with home providers, Hobbs and her husband attended a private event at Kottoor’s mansion. The timing and connections have raised serious questions about whether this is a straightforward case of “pay-for-play.”

The criminal investigation was spurred by Republican State Senator T.J. Shope, who formally requested AG Mayes to look into the potential scheme. In a letter from the Attorney General’s office, Nick Klingerman, chief of the criminal division, confirmed the initiation of the probe. “The Criminal Division of the Attorney General’s Office is statutorily authorized to investigate the allegations and offenses outlined in your letter,” Klingerman wrote, signaling that this investigation will be anything but cursory.

While details remain scarce, the implications are enormous. Any confirmation of misconduct could have seismic consequences not just for Governor Hobbs, but for Arizona’s political landscape as a whole. Shope and his fellow Republicans are keeping the pressure on, even asking Maricopa County Attorney Rachel Mitchell, another Republican, to launch her own independent inquiry.

Senator Shope expressed cautious optimism regarding the investigation. “I hope that they will do a fine job and actually go through fairly, through the entire process, and completely thoroughly as well,” he said. For now, all eyes are on AG Mayes’ office as they delve into the murky waters of these allegations.

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$15k and no internet… Humm what Brothel in NV are you workin Gurl?

Mk Abe

I pray she goes down in flames, she is a crooked as they come, like all Dims!

Wyatt Earp


Ron C

Such nonsense, democrats are not under criminal investigation, they are always under white washing, the authorities just call it investigations!

Tim Kuehl

Gee, the Arizona governor’s race was stolen, what else besides corruption would you expect from the result?


You’re forgetting about DEI… Since Hobbs self-identified as AZ Gov… we can’t question!


Gov. Katie Hobbs (D-AZ) under investigation for $400,000 Bribery Scheme. Reuben Gallegod (D-AZ) chimed in “Hey wait a Minute… I only got $75,000.”

Happy Warrior

Hey, she’s a Democrat! How can anyone be surprised?