GOP Legislation Wants to Put This Former President on $500 Bills

The world of politics is full of surprises, but some ideas are just pure gold—or in this case, a greenback. Picture this: you’re at the grocery store, and the cashier hands you your change. But instead of a boring old $20, you get a crisp $500 bill with the face of one of the most talked-about presidents in recent history. We’re talking about a potential new addition to your wallet that could spark debates at dinner tables across the country. Hold onto your hats because things are about to get interesting!

Now, let’s not beat around the bush. The GOP has thrown down a legislative gauntlet that could see the face of none other than Donald J. Trump gracing the $500 bill. Imagine the shockwaves this would send through the political landscape. On one hand, you’ve got Trump supporters celebrating this move as a fitting tribute to a man they see as a champion of economic revitalization and unapologetic patriotism. On the other hand, the opposition would be, well, losing their minds.

The timing of this proposal couldn’t be juicier. In an era where cash is becoming more digital and less tangible, the introduction of a high-value bill featuring Trump’s mug is like a cherry bomb in a kiddie pool. It’s a bold statement in an age where political correctness is king, and it’s sure to get the left’s collective blood pressure rising.

But let’s look at the practical side. First, a $500 bill could be a handy piece of currency, making large transactions easier and less cumbersome. Imagine trying to buy a high-end laptop or a luxury handbag with a stack of twenties. Not so glamorous, right? Plus, it’s a nod to the days when America had higher denomination bills like the $500, $1,000, and even $10,000 notes featuring the likes of William McKinley and Woodrow Wilson.

Of course, this idea isn’t just about practicality. It’s a statement—a big, bold, “In your face!” to the establishment. Trump’s face on a bill would be a constant reminder of his presidency and his impact on the country. Love him or hate him, you can’t deny that Trump knows how to stay in the headlines. And what better way to keep his legacy alive than by putting his likeness in every American’s wallet?

So, whether you’re ready to make it rain with Trump bills or you’re just here for the popcorn-worthy political drama, one thing’s for sure: this GOP legislation is anything but boring. It looks like our currency is about to get a whole lot more interesting!

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Diane Christensen



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Last edited 12 days ago by CarolineWilson

I’m all for it!


They should put the picture of Joe on a $3 bill.

John Wood

Exactly what I was thinking:-)


Yeah, lets do it.


Im ALL for it!!!!!!!

Gunny Gil

I remember when they did away with the $500 bill and it was due to being used so much by drug dealers and the same reason given for doing away with the $1000 bill. Now that the huge percentage of Americans are keeping the cartels alive and well with their drug habits I guess the government, all most all druggies , are wanting to get the larger bills back to make payment for their usage easier


Put Biden’s rotting face on the 34 Tillion dollar deficit.

Happy Warrior

Do we really need larger bills than a hundred? I guess it would be easier to sneak out larger wealth in your underwear from the collapsing country but do most people even see hundreds in their day to day life? And what even happened to the fifty. I guess it is still out there but I haven’t seen one in a while. They seem to be like the fifty cent piece.

Stephen Russell

YES do so