General Mike Flynn Responds to Fake News He Is Donald Trump’s Vice President

In the latest episode of “You Can’t Make This Stuff Up,” the internet was set ablaze by a wild claim that former National Security Advisor General Mike Flynn is Donald Trump’s chosen running mate for the 2024 presidential election. According to an alleged Federal Election Commission (FEC) filing, Flynn was slated to be the vice-presidential candidate alongside Trump. But before you get your popcorn ready, Flynn himself stepped in to clear up the confusion, leaving no room for doubt.

On Wednesday, Flynn took to social media to debunk the rumors faster than you can say “fake news.” The General described the filings as “unauthorized” and flat-out false, ensuring everyone knew he had no part in this political fantasy. “I just saw two unauthorized FEC filings referencing my name. They are fake news! I don’t know anything about them, and my office has alerted the FEC,” Flynn declared, abruptly ending the speculation.

Adding fuel to the fire, conservative firebrand Laura Loomer also chimed in, labeling the filings as “FAKE” with all the subtlety of a bull in a china shop. She reiterated Flynn’s position, stating emphatically that he is not gearing up to be Trump’s VP. “Anyone pushing this is pushing fake news,” Loomer wrote, putting a definitive end to the rumors.

However, amidst the chaos, Flynn did make a noteworthy move: he unconditionally endorsed Donald Trump for president. In a statement filled with passion and urgency, Flynn painted a dramatic picture of a nation at a crossroads. “This is our last chance to vote for freedom from government control. Will your children live the American dream or be enslaved by a corrupt, wasteful government of woke globalists?” Flynn questioned. It was the kind of rhetoric designed to stir the pot and rally the troops.

Flynn didn’t stop there. He lauded Trump as someone with the guts and experience to rescue America from its downward spiral. “One man has the knowledge, determination, previously demonstrated experience, and more important, the courage to bring it, on Day 1. He runs into the fight – whatever the cost – including the most egregious political persecution in modern history. President Trump simply refuses to watch America destroy itself,” Flynn continued. If hyperbole were an Olympic sport, Flynn would be a gold medalist.

Capping off his endorsement, Flynn evoked the spirit of Ronald Reagan, calling Trump “the greatest leader of our time.” It was a ringing endorsement that sounded more like a clarion call for a political revolution. “May God Almighty protect and bless him, and may God continue to bless America,” Flynn concluded.

So, while the rumor mill churned out its latest batch of fiction, Flynn’s swift and decisive response brought clarity to the situation. It’s a tale of misinformation, swift rebuttals, and fiery endorsements—just another day in the dizzying world of American politics.

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Happy Warrior

I could vote for that pair.


YET ANOTHER GREAT OPTION. He could help clean this crap up. Heads roll