All Eyes on Pelosi as Dems Want Biden Gone by the End of the Week!

In what promises to be a week of high political drama, the halls of Congress are buzzing with more anticipation than a season finale of “House of Cards.” As lawmakers return from their recess, whispers and rumors swirl that Joe Biden’s tenure may be on the brink. According to a report, several House Democrats are gearing up for a decisive intervention to push Biden out of the 2024 presidential race.

“The sh*t is going to hit the fan on Monday when Congress returns,” one House Democrat reportedly told Axios, echoing the sentiment of many who are both anxious about their own electoral prospects and concerned for the country’s future. It seems that the desperation within the Democratic ranks has reached fever pitch, with a growing number of party members plotting to persuade Biden to bow out by the end of the week. And leading this charge? None other than former Speaker Nancy Pelosi, the political powerhouse with the clout to deliver the message.

According to sources more plugged-in than a Capitol Hill coffee machine, Pelosi’s recent flip-flop on Biden’s mental acuity caught many by surprise. Just last week, she questioned whether Biden’s performance at the latest debate was a fleeting episode or indicative of deeper health issues. “I think it’s a legitimate question to say, ‘Is this an episode or is this a condition?’” Pelosi remarked, adding fuel to an already blazing fire.

So why the sudden urgency? The Democratic Party is looking to avoid an all-out brawl at the upcoming Democratic Convention in Chicago. If Biden were to step down and endorse Kamala Harris as his successor, she’d need ample time to ramp up her campaign and select a running mate. Without Biden’s blessing, the convention could turn into a chaotic scramble among ambitious Democrats vying for the nomination—an outcome the party is desperate to avoid.

But here’s where it gets even juicier: inside sources reveal that Biden himself remains largely oblivious to the mounting pressure. For every ten people advising him to exit, there’s only one urging him to stay. Even those publicly vouching for Biden are reportedly doing so at the behest of the White House, while privately acknowledging there’s no clear path forward.

The anxiety isn’t confined to the Beltway either. Swing-state lawmakers are feeling the heat from constituents who are laser-focused on Biden’s age and perceived cognitive decline. “The only thing people wanted to discuss during my monthly forum was Biden’s age,” confessed one national lawmaker.

As the Democratic Party braces itself for what could be a defining moment, all eyes are on Pelosi. Will she step up and deliver the message that many believe is long overdue? Or will the party continue to navigate these treacherous waters without a clear direction?

The next few days will be pivotal. Whether Biden stays or goes, the Democratic Party’s strategy for 2024 will hinge on the decisions made this week.

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the Rebel

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the Rebel

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the Rebel

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Why is a a “Former” politician have such a loud voice ?
Pelosi Is Out !!!
Wake Up because the Demorats are going to any extreme to flush what is left of this once Great and Respected Country down the drain .
I don’t like how the powers to be have caused all of this turmoil.
High inflation to start with , Higher and More taxes , More Money going out of my pocket to those who are here and get handouts .
When does it stop !


Jo Biden has said the only thing that would make him step down is the Lord Almighty.
The ‘Second Coming ‘ is almost on us, that is very soon.
What about the damage he will continue doing in the meantime.


Marxists do not believe in Gods!



Happy Warrior

In terms of dementia, this is the pot calling the kettle black.